The Crystal Spirit


Giving and receiving, it is the yin and yang of life.

I have always wanted to find a way to give back to the universe and to people whether through charity, or donating my time to support a cause. As with most things, time goes on and I have suddenly realized I haven’t done those things. Sure, I’ve done the occasional pay it forward buying a cup of coffee here and there, holding a door open for a stranger, giving someone a compliment, and all of those things mean something – but I knew that for me personally there was still something missing.

While volunteering at soup kitchens and other local charities or making donations are great, those things also weren’t always so readily available for me (where is the time to do this? I don’t even have enough money for myself!). I knew that I needed to do something different, and something more personal to me. Something where I want to give truly and fully from my heart. So I began to think of the things that make me happy and how I can somehow portray that happiness I feel on to the actual act of giving, where the person on the receiving end would feel it too. I realized that when I feel best, is when I’m helping others to heal. Whether that is through words, hugs, advice, or just lending an ear. My way of giving is by giving my spirit to those in need. I also feel best when I am surrounded by the things I love, and doing what my soul loves.

Rocks, minerals and gems have always been a big part of my life, starting with collecting rocks as a child and then progressing into crystals (and rocks still!). I know the magnitude of the healing I have experienced, and still experience, from their energy and what it meant for me. That’s why I’ve decided that my way of giving will be to leave crystals and notes behind (in my travels and life adventures, at random) for discovery. To start an epidemic of love, light and healing. I like to think that the person or people who find them, will know and feel the love, light and healing behind each one and how the universe has brought them to it to help them too, just as the healing energy has helped me.

But why am I making this public? Isn’t the act of giving supposed to be just about the “giving” and not about the telling people part? – Well yes, and no. Yes, the act of giving is sacred. Giving should be done with no expectations of receiving. When you give from your heart and soul, you are showing that your heart is open. When you give, others that are in need will receive. In turn, there will come a time where you will be on the receptive end when it is needed for you. When you give fully and whole from your heart, the act of giving itself far outweighs the fruits of your labor from giving.  No, you don’t always have to keep your generosity a secret. Sometimes some people are also meant to inspire. Maybe you heard a story of something nice happening to someone, or somebody doing something nice for someone and you realized how happy it made them. This might make you want to do something so that you too can know in your heart that you made someone smile like that. It’s ok to show others that you are giving because then it’ll create more giving. And in these times, the world needs as much giving from the heart as it can. Create a cycle of love. Giving and receiving. Yin and yang.

Each crystal that I leave behind is brand new, cleansed, charged and set with intention for the personal finder of each one. If you may be so lucky as to find one – hold it in your hands, connect with it, think about what you want it to help you with or do for you. May you find one, cherish it, attune it to your energy, and find all of the healing and love you have ever wished for. This is my gift of giving.


Kelly Lyons

The Crystal Spirit

IG: @The_Crystal_Spirit

The Crystal SpiritCrystal Giving Incantation

This incantation was written by me for all of those who find a crystal, and will be included on each note. May it bring you everything you need.