Crystal Healing

Crystals! I can’t live without them. As a child, I would ALWAYS collect rocks everywhere I went (I still do). My mom used to tell me that every time she did wash, there in the washing machine were rocks that I had put in my pocket from the playground, or whatever other kid adventure I was on that day. I had a huge bucket filled with rocks that I had collected as treasures in my childhood. I’m not quite sure whatever happened to that bucket but oftentimes wish it had made it into my older years. My love for rocks has always stayed with me, and slowly as I got older my obsession with crystals began. I got a crystal growing kit for Christmas one year when I was in grade school and that’s where the crystal journey began. 
Later on, I signed up for a mind/body/spirit mailing subscription of some sort around 2005 when I was a bit older. I had them, I loved them, but I didn’t fully delve into them, their properties, and healing qualities until my spiritual awakening began some five years after that. When I was down, broken, and had to start all over again discovering who I was, the first thing I intuitively reached for were my crystals. Since that day, not a day goes by that I do not carry crystals on me (except for when they are charging!).
Back then, the crystal world was not nearly as popular (at least by media standards) as I feel it is now. To some it seems silly, but there are real energy and vibrations behind each crystal (piezoelectric effect) and each can be used for various different reasons – physically, mentally, emotionally, you name it. The growing interest in the crystal world has undoubtedly left people curious on which crystals they can use for the particular issue, quality, or journey they’d like to work with. If you are curious to know more about certain crystals and their healing benefits, check out my additional blogs below. 
leon may crystal mineral gem
Some useful tips regarding crystals:
•When choosing crystals, it’s important to purchase from a reliable source or crystal dealer, that way you know the crystal you have is not a fake, dyed or a replica.
•Let your crystal choose you. It can be overwhelming to walk into a crystal shop or show. You may have a certain crystal in mind that you’d like to get, but find that you are being drawn to another one altogether. Go with it. That crystal is calling out to you because there are qualities in it that you may need at that time. Also, choose the particular crystal shape and size that calls to you.
•After you purchase your crystal(s) it will need to be cleansed from prior energies that it may have picked up along the way. Every once in awhile, you may also want to cleanse them to rejuvenate them. There are many different ways to do this – I like to use the elements: earth, air, fire, water – check out my blog Spell To Cleanse Your Crystals With Elements for an idea of how. Cleanse them with fertile soil, smudging or incense smoke, over a candle flame, or moon water. You can also cleanse them with sound, or by breathing on them. It also helps to set an intention for each crystal as you cleanse it such as “I hope that you will help me to attract great love.”
•Unless you are using them for the purpose of healing others, or completely trust the energy of the other person involved – I typically do not recommend letting others touch your crystals. Personally, I do not allow others to touch my crystals. They have worked hard on absorbing my energy and all that I seek to manifest. If you allow others to frequently touch your crystals (not with the intention of healing), then those crystals may start to pick up on other peoples energy. The purpose of having your crystals is to help with you and your personal healing and desires. If you do feel that you are ok with letting others touch your crystals, then make sure you cleanse them often to rid them of prior energies.
•Keep your crystals stored in a safe, dark environment as some can fade in direct light. There are a various number of storage boxes or pouches that you can find on the internet.
•Every so often, it may start to feel like your crystals aren’t “working” anymore. That means it’s time to charge them! Typically, I find that the best times to do this are at the full moon or new moon. You can leave them outside under the moonlight to soak up all of that moon magic. If you don’t have the ability to do so then using a windowsill is fine. For crystals that can withstand light and won’t fade, you can also charge them under the sunlight. For an extra magical boost, cleanse them first and then charge them. If you’re feeling inclined to charge them and it’s not necessarily a full moon, new moon or sunny day – then do so! Always listen and trust your instincts.  
•To get closer to your crystals and their power you can do a number of things – carry them in your pocket (or bra) throughout the day, hold them in your hands while meditating, place them next to your bed or under your pillow before sleep, or wear them as jewelry just to name a few.
•Believe in them! Most great things take time. Trust your crystals and the magic they hold. You may not attract your soul mate overnight, or heal your life instantly but that doesn’t mean you won’t. Trust the process, and give them a chance to connect with your energy and wishes.



January 2019 – Clear Quartz


April 2018 – Blue Lace Agate

February 2018 – Red Garnet

January 2018 – Black Tourmaline


December 2017 – Citrine

November 2017 – Rose Quartz