Our whole existence is made up of energy. In the grand scheme of things, we are so much more than just a body and a face. Beneath the exterior in each of us lies our own individual and unique soul. When we are feeling disconnected from our soul then we may start to notice imbalances happening such as physical ailments, what seems like one unfortunate event after another, mental exhaustion and feeling lost or out of sorts just to name a few.
Think of a car that is running low on gas – will it be able to function properly once it does? Now picture your body being the car and the gas being your energy levels, or your life force, or in Chinese Medicine we call it ‘qi’. Once it starts to deplete, or you do not stop to recharge and refuel, eventually you will burn out, run out of steam and stop. It is essential to our mental, emotional and physical health to stop to recharge our batteries every so often. Balancing your chakras is a great way to do this.
It’s up to you to intuitively decide how long you need to balance a chakra(s). You may only need a short tune up, in which you can balance all of them through meditation in a few minutes. Other times you may find that you’d like to dive a little deeper into each one, because let’s face it – sometimes a ten minute tune up may  not cut it for how we are feeling at that point. My favorite method to getting a really good balance on each chakra is to focus on one a week (or even one a month if you really want to get hardcore!), starting with the root chakra on week 1, sacral chakra on week 2, and so forth and so on. I typically like to begin with my root chakra – because just like a tree, you start from the roots and grow upwards. You also need to be anchored, because if you work heavily on your crown and third eye chakras first before your root then you will have nothing to ground you and prevent you from floating away like a balloon – becoming delusional, acting like a martyr etc.
I find this method to be helpful if things feel out of balance in your life, you are undergoing major changes, or have experienced trauma that you are trying to heal from. Sometimes it’s just not an overnight process to heal – and that is ok. Focusing on a chakra a week helps you to get in touch with each one on a personal basis. You’ll start to find that as you focus on one chakra for an extended period of time (say a week) your thoughts, actions, and even situations you attract, will reflect with the qualities of the chakra you’re currently working on. When I decided to first starting using this method I noticed that for each week I was given a “situation” or “test” that corresponded with the chakra I was focusing on. For example, when I began working on my sacral chakra, my creativity began to blossom and I even came up with the idea for this website! That further lead to execution of that idea when I  came in to my personal power after focusing on my solar plexus chakra the week following.
I’m a firm believer in chakras, and the power of them. It’s important to get in touch with yourself when you/your life is feeling out of balance. That’s a signal that it’s time for you to take a time out for yourself and fix that – because if you don’t, you’ll burn yourself out! Check out my links below for information on each chakra including it’s qualities, and tips to help you rebalance them. Enjoy the journey!


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