Week of 5/6/18


“Fragment” and “Chaos” from Colette Baron Reid’s “Wisdom of the House of Night” Oracle Cards

This week I was spiritually guided to pick two cards for you.

Chaos may have currently ensued (or will) and you may feel like you are at a point where you aren’t sure what to do. If you are the cause of the chaos, then you are being called to take responsibility for your actions. You are the only one that will be able to fix this situation, as you are the one who created it. You can’t act as a tornado and destruct  as you go, expecting others to clean up the messes you have made. The moments in life where you feel like you have the upper hand and hold power should not be abused, as you may cause some upset or hurt to others. Hence, you will have to figure out a way to rectify the issue. Start by apologizing to who or what you have caused some chaos/destruction/confusion towards. When you apologize you open your heart to love. Nothing vibrates higher than love.

If you are on the receiving end of the chaos/not the one who started it, then it’s time for you to take shelter from the proverbial storm. Leaving yourself out in open view for others to take advantage of and cause further destruction will only lead to more ruin and chaos. Riding out the storm will allow things to settle and begin anew. Just like after thunderstorms there is a beautiful rainbow, so too will you find beauty and clarity from stepping away and out of the storm’s path – aka – stay away from drama. Don’t involve yourself in what doesn’t involve you. Even if it does involve you, you can consciously make a choice to put all thoughts/words/actions on hold until things mellow out.

The “Fragment” card is a reminder that despite whatever chaos is or may surround you, that part of your life is only a mere fragment of it. If your current chaos involves work, as an example, think about and focus on the peaceful and good parts of your life right now. Whether it be friendships, family, relationships, your creative projects – do NOT let whatever chaos is happening consume you and affect the other working and functional parts of your life.

You can come out of hiding at a time where you feel it is safe to do so. For now, it is only a bump in the road of life, and one that can be fixed. Take shelter, and take the time out to focus on the things that are right in the present moment.

This could also mean that in a certain situation you may only be receiving a fragment of the truth about something, and that is what is causing chaos. Don’t take things at face value – look beyond what is in front of you, and read between the lines. If your inner being is sensing that there is more to the situation than meets the eye, then you are probably correct. The chaos that you’re feeling towards this right now is due to this lack of complete information from the other party or individual. Again, take a step back and you will see that things have a way of answering themselves when doing so. The truth comes out whether anyone likes it or not. Divert your attention to something more positive in the meantime, such as a hobby or a positive role model, until the full story unravels.

Week of 4/29/18


“Phobias” from Doreen Virtue & Brian L. Weiss “Past Life Oracle Cards”


Since Full Moon’s are a good time to purge and release what is no longer necessary, I thought it appropriate to pull a card from the Past Life Deck to let you know what it is you truly need to let go of. Not just an issue in this lifetime, but one that stems from lifetimes previous. This can be something that your soul is still trying to recover from, or an important lesson that you must learn to face.
Before we are brought to Earth, our soul decides what it is we want to learn on this journey here. When we are physically born, we are born with a kind of amnesia (for lack of better words) and don’t remember the details of the soul contract we made. However, as you grow and experience life, you have the ability to awaken and recognize what patterns, situations, thoughts etc. seem familiar and significant. You have the capacity to break free from those things from past lives that are currently affecting your present life if necessary. Just because something “is” it doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. It’s up to you to discover if this is something you need to change in this life, or if it’s part of your new one.
What fears and phobias have a grip on you in this lifetime? Fear of letting others know who you truly are? Fear of drowning? Fear of commitment? Anything that has a strong presence in everything you do, is causing blockages, and is preventing you from moving ahead, it is now time to release. Sometimes these fears and phobias may seem irrational to you because you are unable to identify how or when they started in your present life. You are being asked to look beyond this lifetime and explore your previous lives to identify the source of it. Many times, when a lesson isn’t learned it will carry forth into the next life.
The good news is that you can be rid of these fears. They do not have to control you, it is now time to gain control of them. Is there a certain time period/time in history that you are drawn to? Perhaps, your soul once lived through that time and there is a correlation of something significant that happened there. Explore that life and what happened. You have the power to go back into your past lives and change the outcome of the situation. Time is an illusion – that’s why it’s possible.
As an example: Let’s say in this life you are afraid of committing to a long-term relationship. You find you are drawn to the medieval era and upon exploring that past life, discover that at one time you and your soul mate were happy and harmonious together, but then she/he was murdered. You were crushed, heartbroken and made yourself unable to love again for fear that whomever you loved would be taken away from you. You create a fear or fears that stem from your experience. They will carry through to other lives and continue to do so unless you break free of them and overcome them. In this example, you could go back into this life and change it in a number of ways. You can change it by altering the situation around the murder to make it so it didn’t even happen, or you can change it by seeing yourself forgiving, moving on, and finding love again. The choices are yours and this is merely an example.
You can do these exercises through past life regression or meditation. Ask your Spirit Guides to help you identify whom or what circumstance brought about these fears. If you aren’t sure how or where to begin – YouTube is an excellent source for guided past life regressions. If your issue is much stronger or may require further help, look into a certified hypnosis therapist or past life regression healer.

Week of 4/22/18


“Teaching and Learning” from Doreen’s Virtue’s “Archangel Oracle Cards”
Teaching and learning go hand in hand. Sometimes we are the teacher, sometimes we are the student. In this way, we are both. Right now there are lessons you have learned that it is now time to help teach others. You are wise and the valuable things you have learned can be useful to others. Don’t be afraid to use your voice now and speak out on it. There is someone (or some people) that need to hear your story. It is safe for you to share it. In the generosity of teaching others and sharing your experiences, you further strengthen your own healing process and the lessons attached to it. You  never know, some of your “students” may teach you a thing or two along the way.
If you’re currently facing a difficult situation or find yourself in the midst of one, stop and ask yourself what the lesson could be throughout this. An argument with a loved one, a recurring pattern or thought, attracting the same people to your circle – what are these things teaching you? If you don’t stop to understand the lesson behind it, then the pattern or situation will continue. You will continue to attract the same people or circumstances until you learn from it. Recognize who the teacher is in the situation and who the student is. Or perhaps, it is both. When you come to realize the lesson behind what you are facing, you will begin to see change and those patterns will drop away. You will awaken and become the teacher, able to help others who are stepping where you have once stepped.
This could also mean that you simply need to teach what you are passionate about. There is some subject or thing that sets your soul on fire. When you teach from your heart about the things that make you feel the most lit up inside, you will most definitely attract your tribe. Information comes to you when you need it, to give you fresh perspectives and material to teach after being the student and learning them yourself. You are meant to be a spokesperson for this topic, or meant to help others with it. Be open to continuing to learn about new things related to this subject in order to continue sharing it with your clientele or audience.

Week of 4/15/18


“We are so Connected” from Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh’s “Talking to Heaven” Mediumship Cards

This week’s message comes from your Guardian Angel on the other side! The person I’m referring to in this case is someone that was very special to you on this Earth and in this lifetime. Someone who was physically here with you and that you knew very well. This person has been with you through many lifetimes aside from this one and has been both your teacher and student. You were brought together on this Earth again to carry forth more lessons that you both needed to learn together and also separately. It could also be a beloved pet or friend and is not limited to just family.

Just because they are not here with you physically anymore, it does not mean they are not always around you spiritually. In fact, this message is reiterating that yes, the signs and symbols you receive are real and that they are always lovingly watching over you. Your loved one has never left you.

The connection between you remains strong and is actually quite stronger than when this person was physically here. This is because there are certain limitations we face as physical beings. They now know and see everything from the other side and have now come to understand that all things are not coincidental and that they are synchronized. For this reason, they are guiding you to trust the feelings you get and the messages you receive when you feel as though they are nearby. They are gently nudging you in the proper direction of your soul path and purpose.

If you are having a hard time connecting with your loved one on the other side, carry angelite crystal on you to further strengthen your bond and connection. The physical bond has ended because they aren’t physically here, but the spiritual one has not. Your guardian is waiting for you to be open to receiving their help and maintaining this powerful bond. All you need to do is ask and open your heart.

Please know that your loved one from above is always around you, and that you are never alone. In those moments that you think of them lovingly, know that they are also doing the same because of your strong connection. They see your thoughts and understand your heart. Right now in this moment they are sending you unconditional love. Be open to the signs you receive this week and trust in them. You are being divinely guided.

Week of 4/8/18


“Chaos and Conflict” from Colette Baron Reid’s “Wisdom of the Oracle” Divination Cards


Before things can be smooth sailing, sometimes they have to get a little messy. There may be someone or something that you feel you are up against and the key to handling this is not to fight or flight, but to take shelter. Trying hard to prove your point to another who is not on the same page as you and refuses to see your side of things will only create more chaos and conflict. The same goes for them as they may be trying to get you to see their point of view in which you may be unwilling. You have your side, and they have theirs. This could be pertaining to any relationship, whether romantic or not. Adding fuel to the fire is not recommended and it’s better for you to sit this battle out. Try and understand what the other person’s reasoning/thoughts/dilemma is. It doesn’t mean you need to agree but it’ll make it less stressful for you to deal with, and help you move on from it quicker. Take the focus off of the chaos itself and bring it into yourself. Recognize that no matter what the outcome of this is, you are growing from it and learning new lessons. Can it be negotiated? If not, then agree to disagree and move on!
This conflict and chaos can also signify chaos within yourself and your thoughts. You’ve heard the expression “what you think you attract”, and understand the law of attraction… so why are you creating stress in your mind that isn’t even real?! I know it’s easier said then done, but if you’re making things seem more chaotic then they actually are and exaggerating them, then that is what you’ll get. Keep your mind focused on the good that is happening around you, or the people in your life that make you laugh. Take a walk outside to clear your head and connect with nature and get yourself back to center. Things may seem chaotic to you on the outside right now, but they really aren’t. All is well!
If things have changed or are changing drastically in your life – something is/was taken away from you, you’ve lost something, ending a relationship, etc. – understand that things have shaken you to awaken you. Yes, this is difficult and right now things are chaotic and messy, but after every storm comes a rainbow. It is not a forever thing and you will come out of this just fine. Let the dust settle, take shelter and let the storm pass.

Week of 4/1/18


“Eight of Spring” from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s “Fairy Tarot Cards”


You’ve heard of becoming stressed from a lot of negative things happening, but have you ever heard of becoming stressed because of too many good things that are happening? Well that’s happening! It’s stress nonetheless, but it’s a good stress this time around. A “keep you on your toes” kind of stress. Things may be happening so fast for you right now that you don’t know if you’re coming or going, and feel overwhelmed from all of the exciting and great new changes that have taken place. Don’t let this get you down. Now is the time for you to learn how to juggle and multitask all of these things. This intense Full Moon is bringing about A LOT of changes and dramatic shifts, so it’s natural that the energy tied to it is dramatic also – a.k.a. stress.
It’s essential that you learn how to juggle it all and make everything a priority. Remember, these things that happened are a blessing. Rather then look at it as “oh my goodness what did I get myself into, I can’t handle all of this,” look at it as “wow, I can’t believe all of these amazing things have happened just from my manifesting them!” Make to-do lists if you need to, break your schedule up into timelines so you are able to delegate a designated amount of time to each thing. When you have a better handle on your day, you’ll be able to better handle juggling everything. You have the energy and drive right now to be able to do all of that.
If you’ve been sitting around like “nothing has happened for me” or wondering when in the heck something is going to give.. GET READY. This is a time for rapid change. Again, this full moon is bringing in a lot of that intense energy (I can definitely feel it, Gemini rising). You may be jobless one day and then making tons of money the next, single and feeling alone and meet your soulmate the next day. Be ready, expect it and be ready for the energy that it will bring also. It’s all great things.
Don’t fear any changes that happen as they are all for your highest good. Change can be scary because we never know what lies on the other side – it’s the fear of the unknown. It’s a reasonable fear. How do we know that what’s happening is good? My way of handling this is knowing that any changes that happen are because my Spirit Guides have heard my wishes, my dreams, my manifestations and they are bringing it all to fruition. They have your best interests at heart and want you to have those things. If you have faith in them, they will show you and they will guide you. Sometimes things need time to change, and then other times it swoops in and happens suddenly. Now is the suddenly part. Grab on and enjoy the ride!

Week of 3/25/18


“Anticipation” from Jody Bergsma’s “Magical Times Empowerment Cards”


Mercury  may have recently gone retrograde but don’t let that disillusion you into believing that you won’t have what you seek. Rather than anticipating that everything will go wrong or that disaster is around the corner, use this time to go inward and focus on self-care, reflection and quietude. When you anticipate the worst that could happen and that things will go wrong, you are sending those thoughts into the universe to process and in turn receive back from the universe the very things you feared. Instead, anticipate that once the energy has settled, things will start to take shape again. There is a time and a place for receiving, and just because the energy may be off now it doesn’t mean it is that way forever. Anticipate receiving all of the things you dream of, and in time you will.

This card could also mean that you are anticipating that someone will be or should be everything you want them to be. Whether it is a romantic relationship, new love, friendship, family or coworker, evaluate the relationship dynamic between you and the other person. What is it that you are looking for in this relationship? If you aren’t getting along, what are you anticipating they do or say to make the situation different? You can’t control another person, their words or their actions. To expect someone to be the way you want them to, or say and do the things you want them to will only set you up for failure. Choose instead to be open and willing to hear or see another’s point of view.

This doesn’t mean that you need to lower your standards or tell yourself that you won’t ever meet the one for you, or that you won’t ever get along with that person anymore. Continue to do those things that raise your vibration to connect you with those meant for you. Rather, this means that instead of expecting someone to act a certain way and anticipating that it will fail, let go of the need to nit-pick and find fault and invite something different into your life. At the very worst, you will discover this relationship isn’t for you or that it is time to move on. At best, you learn and grow in this partnership and get along well. Anticipate the good in the situation, not the bad.

Lastly, this could also mean that lately you may have been feeling like something good is around the corner but have been anxiously awaiting what the heck it is or when it will happen. Hang in there! It’s almost time for you to receive the fruits of your labor. You’ve worked hard. Just be patient a little bit longer and soon you will see why it needed to take some time to surface. Greatness isn’t forced or rushed, it takes time and it takes lots and lots of patience. You are correct in listening to your intuition and anticipating that good that is ahead – because it is. Keep an optimistic attitude no matter what the outer circumstances.

Week of 3/11/18


“Cunningwoman” From Lucy Cavendish’s “The Faery Forest” Oracle Deck

This card is not so much about someone around you that is sly and cunning but rather a time of embracing the inner cunning in you. This is not meant in a way to be sneaky and hurtful to others but to be independent, still and observant. There may be something in your life that you are unsure of or waiting for answers on, be it a relationship, job or career move or another big change. Maybe you’ve been going back and forth in your mind on what to do about this, and are feeling pressured to make a decision or find an answer. This pressure may lie in the fact that you feel you need to let the world know everything you are doing and working towards. But life is not a competition.

Right now your answers will come in stillness. Take a step back and assess what everyone around you is doing. Be still and observant of the actions and words of others, and perhaps in their actions you will find the right next move. Now is not the time to divulge all of your biggest secrets. There is nothing wrong with keeping quiet your thoughts and ideas. Whether you are normally more extroverted or introverted, the world does not always need to know what you are up to. Understand that what people post on social media may not always be everything that is going on behind closed doors. They could still be working on big career moves, making big changes to their home life, or starting new endeavors. The same goes for you. At this time you should not reveal all to others.

On the contrary, maybe you are one of those people who do chronically post every thing you are doing on social media because you feel that you need to constantly be in the spotlight, or fear that others may do or pursue the same interests, lifestyle or decisions as you. The truth is that what is meant for you will be for you, and what is meant for them will be for them. While it is perfectly ok and healthy to post whatever your heart desires on social media, know that it is also ok and safe for you to go into hiding at this time for a short while to recharge your batteries and assess what others are doing instead. Truth comes in taking a step back from everything to gain clarity.

Learn to be independent and not worry what others are doing. LIFE HACK: You also don’t need to look at or engage in anything you don’t want to! If there is something or someone whose presence or even social media posts are draining your energy then again, quietly step back, scroll past, unfollow – whatever you feel. Let them do their thing, and in those actions you will discover more about yourself. Quiet your mind, and reconnect with yourself and your dreams. Work towards fulfilling them each day. A time will come for you to share your news with the world but the time is not at this moment. Don’t jump ahead to share if you aren’t even sure of everything yet.

Week of 3/4/18


From Deborah Blake’s “Guide to the Everyday Witch” Tarot Cards


The quote that is attached to this card is “my cup runneth over” and it couldn’t be more true for you right now. The witch in this card is holding a cup overflowing with water, while at her feet her cat drinks water from the ground overflowing with growth, and her cauldron bubbles. There is a glowing light that surrounds her and she is graced by the presence of two white birds and a fertile background. This scene depicts one of a true symbol of abundance. She is coming to you at this time and offering you a sip from her cup and you would be wise to drink from it, as this opportunity does not come often.

This is a time of great emotional and spiritual fulfillment. You have done the hard work and have reached a point where your ideas and your creativity are flowing effortlessly from your being. Honor and show gratitude for the opportunities that have, and will come your way in the next week. Don’t worry about how and what they will be, but instead remain open to receiving them. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, for this is a time where you will be offered many blessings and it’s up to you to choose to accept them.

Since cups highly symbolize emotions, this could mean that relationships are very loving and communicable at this time. You are able to express yourself fully and with an open heart, and give to those who are in need because your cup is running over. You can always give when your cup is overflowing. If you have newly met someone romantically, then this card could symbolize the growth of attraction and of your bond.  It is also a time of getting to know the person on a deeper level.

Cups are also symbolic of intuition, so you may have heightened awareness and senses at this time. Now is the time to really pay attention to what your inner voice is telling you, as it is guiding you to your next steps. If you have never experienced an inner sense of knowing and are unsure of what your intuition is, take note of how you feel when the object of your inquiry is thought of or mentioned – does your stomach turn? Is there a little voice telling you and repeating a certain word or phrase when you hear or see something? Do sudden thoughts pop into your head that you have no idea where they came from? Do you feel like you get a sudden “push” to do something? This is all your intuition. Trust it, and the more you do the more it will open at this time.

As with all things, this opportunity is fleeting and will not always be there for the taking. Choose to accept it now while it is being offered to you, even though you may not have an idea or plan as to how your abundance will grow. There is none needed right now. Just like crystals know what they need to do for you by attuning to your energy, so too does this water know what it needs to bring you. This is a time of new beginnings. Trust it, and allow whatever “it” is to come to you. Your job is to remain open to whatever it may be and accept it.


Week of 2/25/18


From Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s “Fairy Tarot Cards” Oracle Deck


Can you feel the magic in the air lately?! Doesn’t it feel like lately your desires are being manifested at lightning speed? Or you think of something and then suddenly it pops up somewhere or you hear or read about it in passing? The emotions that have previously engulfed you like worry and fear about your future will now dissipate in the wind! That which has previously held you back like doubt or missed opportunities were only that way because it wasn’t the right time for you. This is a time of abundance and wishes coming true. This is the right time for manifesting, letting go, and receiving.

If there is something that you have been wanting for a long while, now is the time to manifest it because the portals are open to help it come true. Everything is lining up to deliver to you everything you’ve imagined. However, do not dictate how you want it to happen. Make your wish and then let go. One way you can do this is to write down on paper all of the things you desire and then either burn it, bury it or rip it up. If you’re a yogi or interested in yoga, another thing you can do (which my teacher recently taught us) is to write it on a piece of paper and place it under your mat. Meditate and/or do yoga on it. Tuck the piece of paper away somewhere safe where you can use it each time until your dreams are fulfilled.

After you have done this is the letting go part. Don’t dwell on your wants and needs but instead take this time to enjoy life. To live, laugh, and have fun. Have you ever watched the magic and wonder in a child’s eyes whenever they see or do something new and magical or when they are having fun? There is not a care in the world for them except for the one thing they are focusing on – fun. That is being asked of you in order to fulfill your dreams. Stay filled with wonder and the magic of the universe and you will surely get everything that you’ve wished. But you need to remember to have fun and enjoy everything that surrounds you right now.

Be very careful in what it is that you want, and make sure that when you set your intention it is for the highest good of all. Your dreams are likely to come true if it is not at the expense or hurt of another. So long as you act in the best interest, your dreams will come true at lightning speed. Be open to the magic that resides inside of yourself and your connection to the universal energy. It is real! Get ready to live your dream life!