Week of 4/29/18


“Phobias” from Doreen Virtue & Brian L. Weiss “Past Life Oracle Cards”


Since Full Moon’s are a good time to purge and release what is no longer necessary, I thought it appropriate to pull a card from the Past Life Deck to let you know what it is you truly need to let go of. Not just an issue in this lifetime, but one that stems from lifetimes previous. This can be something that your soul is still trying to recover from, or an important lesson that you must learn to face.
Before we are brought to Earth, our soul decides what it is we want to learn on this journey here. When we are physically born, we are born with a kind of amnesia (for lack of better words) and don’t remember the details of the soul contract we made. However, as you grow and experience life, you have the ability to awaken and recognize what patterns, situations, thoughts etc. seem familiar and significant. You have the capacity to break free from those things from past lives that are currently affecting your present life if necessary. Just because something “is” it doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. It’s up to you to discover if this is something you need to change in this life, or if it’s part of your new one.
What fears and phobias have a grip on you in this lifetime? Fear of letting others know who you truly are? Fear of drowning? Fear of commitment? Anything that has a strong presence in everything you do, is causing blockages, and is preventing you from moving ahead, it is now time to release. Sometimes these fears and phobias may seem irrational to you because you are unable to identify how or when they started in your present life. You are being asked to look beyond this lifetime and explore your previous lives to identify the source of it. Many times, when a lesson isn’t learned it will carry forth into the next life.
The good news is that you can be rid of these fears. They do not have to control you, it is now time to gain control of them. Is there a certain time period/time in history that you are drawn to? Perhaps, your soul once lived through that time and there is a correlation of something significant that happened there. Explore that life and what happened. You have the power to go back into your past lives and change the outcome of the situation. Time is an illusion – that’s why it’s possible.
As an example: Let’s say in this life you are afraid of committing to a long-term relationship. You find you are drawn to the medieval era and upon exploring that past life, discover that at one time you and your soul mate were happy and harmonious together, but then she/he was murdered. You were crushed, heartbroken and made yourself unable to love again for fear that whomever you loved would be taken away from you. You create a fear or fears that stem from your experience. They will carry through to other lives and continue to do so unless you break free of them and overcome them. In this example, you could go back into this life and change it in a number of ways. You can change it by altering the situation around the murder to make it so it didn’t even happen, or you can change it by seeing yourself forgiving, moving on, and finding love again. The choices are yours and this is merely an example.
You can do these exercises through past life regression or meditation. Ask your Spirit Guides to help you identify whom or what circumstance brought about these fears. If you aren’t sure how or where to begin – YouTube is an excellent source for guided past life regressions. If your issue is much stronger or may require further help, look into a certified hypnosis therapist or past life regression healer.

Week of 4/22/18


“Teaching and Learning” from Doreen’s Virtue’s “Archangel Oracle Cards”
Teaching and learning go hand in hand. Sometimes we are the teacher, sometimes we are the student. In this way, we are both. Right now there are lessons you have learned that it is now time to help teach others. You are wise and the valuable things you have learned can be useful to others. Don’t be afraid to use your voice now and speak out on it. There is someone (or some people) that need to hear your story. It is safe for you to share it. In the generosity of teaching others and sharing your experiences, you further strengthen your own healing process and the lessons attached to it. You  never know, some of your “students” may teach you a thing or two along the way.
If you’re currently facing a difficult situation or find yourself in the midst of one, stop and ask yourself what the lesson could be throughout this. An argument with a loved one, a recurring pattern or thought, attracting the same people to your circle – what are these things teaching you? If you don’t stop to understand the lesson behind it, then the pattern or situation will continue. You will continue to attract the same people or circumstances until you learn from it. Recognize who the teacher is in the situation and who the student is. Or perhaps, it is both. When you come to realize the lesson behind what you are facing, you will begin to see change and those patterns will drop away. You will awaken and become the teacher, able to help others who are stepping where you have once stepped.
This could also mean that you simply need to teach what you are passionate about. There is some subject or thing that sets your soul on fire. When you teach from your heart about the things that make you feel the most lit up inside, you will most definitely attract your tribe. Information comes to you when you need it, to give you fresh perspectives and material to teach after being the student and learning them yourself. You are meant to be a spokesperson for this topic, or meant to help others with it. Be open to continuing to learn about new things related to this subject in order to continue sharing it with your clientele or audience.

Smudge Yourself!

Sometimes it happens… a sudden shift in the air. One day you’re feeling cheery and bright, and then the next you have this odd sensation and aren’t feeling like yourself. But you can’t always put a label on what it is you’re feeling and why it is so. It feels like a cloud or an energy in your aura and space that you have no idea where it came from. Well, the good news is that you may not be imagining things. There is a possibility that someone else’s energy has made its way into your space and your aura, causing you to feel off kilter. It is usually a sudden change, and one that is easy to spot and change with practice.

I’ve experienced this feeling before and have developed my own ways of effectively handling it. Smudging is one tool I use to cleanse the air and energy and send it back to its source – we’ll get to what all that is shortly! Yesterday afternoon, I felt a change in mypalo-santo-1996155_1920 energetic field. The reason I knew these feelings were not my own was because I did not feel like myself. The emotions brought on were that of an emptiness, loneliness, and sadness. This is not at all how I feel towards my life, so I knew that someone else’s energy was in my space and I needed to do something about it.  If you’re the kind of person who is sensitive to energies (otherwise known as an empath) or intuitive and psychic in nature, then you may feel and recognize the energies of someone else in your personal space also. The key is to learn how to cleanse your space and take responsibility for what you will and will not allow into that space. Just because someone is sending negativity your way, that does not mean you need to accept it. Things only have as much power as you allow them to. Protection is not necessary when you learn how to control your own environment. And you can!

No matter where you go, who you spend your time with, and who you invite into your home or space, you are constantly being exposed to the energy and aura of others. Your own aura can span out as far as your outstretched arms. That means that whoever is in your space is blending with your aura, and you with theirs. Multiply that by several different people in one room and you’re meshing a lot of auras. Have you ever walked into a room and felt the energy of it, or get a hunch when something does or doesn’t feel right? This is because your aura is connecting with others and literally picking up on the other person’s vibes. With that being said, these energies can linger long after you have left this person’s space, or you theirs. However, you don’t necessarily need to be in the immediate vicinity of someone to pick up their energy, or have spent time with someone. Many times if someone is simply thinking of you in a negative light – such as out of anger, envy, jealousy – those vibrations are sent to you telepathically also.

The more you practice developing your intuitive skills, the more likely you are to spot and understand this feeling of an energetic shift. You also need to know and establish yourself as an individual and recognize who you are as a soul in order to spot when the feeling or feelings that come up are not your own. You create your space and come to know the energy of it and that’s what makes it easier to know when there is an energy there that isn’t aligning with yours. If you have to question at all whether the feelings are your own or someone else’s then its advisable to meditate more to connect with yourself first and develop your spiritual self.

Yes, we are all human and experience bad days from time to time. Just because things may feel a bit “off” it doesn’t always mean that it’s someone else’s energy or that you should point the finger of blame. Pointing fingers at anyone is not the answer, taking responsibility for your part is – whether it is your doing or someone else’s. The key is to notice how long and how intense the energy lingers. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Did it come on suddenly?
  • Were you already in a foul mood before you noticed it, or were you in a good mood?
  • Are you a generally happy person?
  • Are there personal things going on for you that may be affecting your judgment?
  • Were you just speaking with or hanging around someone whose energy felt off or is usually a little off?
  • Do you trust the person or people that you were around?
  • Is there someone that has you on their radar? (i.e. they always know what you’re up to, make offhand comments about things you do or say, etc.)

These are some questions to ask yourself to decipher whether the energy is your own because you yourself are feeling off, or someone else is feeling off and projecting that on you. It takes courage, but if you are feeling a little off and it’s just you, then admit that to yourself and meditate and do some gentle self-care to get back into your feel good zone. Eventually the off-feeling will subside. But if you have done all that and the weird energy continues or if you are certain that it isn’t you, then you do not have to be stuck with it and there are solutions. People have “stuff” they carry with them, but that stuff is not yours to carry. Sending that stuff back to them sets healthy boundaries for yourself and also gives it back to that person for them to handle on their own. Take ownership of your own space and be responsible for it. You dictate what comes and goes, you are in control.



Smudging, or “saging,” is an ancient ritual that is used today by many that involves the use of a bundle of herbs, most noticeably sage, in which the bundle is burned to create smoke that is used for cleansing, releasing, healing, purifying and renewing, though the practice of smudging can be used for many other things and is not limited to those intentions. The focus on this blog is more on cleansing and purifying energy that is not your own.

The act of burning the sage, transforms the physical (sage) into spiritual (smoke). This can be looked at as a transformation. Burning the sage is an act of calling upon help in transforming the energy into something else.


Typically, sage is the most well-known herb used in smudging. However, it is becoming more and more common to use other herbs depending on the intentions you are trying to set or the energy you are trying to clear. I would recommend using plain old sage or white sage for cleansing and purifying the air and harsh energies. However, if you feel drawn to use other fresh herbs in a bundle then by all means use and trust your intuition. You can even use a combination of several. Some other herbs used in smudging are:

  • Cedar leaf
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Pine needles
  • Mullein
  • Mugwort (this is also used in Chinese Medicine – also known as moxabustion)
  • Dandelion
  • Basil
  • Frankincense
  • Myrrh

You can further research into each of the herbs above and their usage with smudging, or find an herb that matches what you are trying to accomplish in your ritual.

Sage is the most well known herb used for smudging because of its cleansing and purifying qualities. Native Americans would use sage in their spiritual ceremonies for that purpose and to aid in communing with spiritual ancestors and guides.

You can make your own smudge stick or bundle or purchase them at local metaphysical shops, or on Etsy or Amazon.


When smudging, it is advisable to utilize an abalone shell for the smudge stick to rest in or to hold underneath. This is to prevent the ashes from dropping on the floor, or accidentally dropping the smudge stick directly onto the floor.

It’s also common to use a large feather to fan the smoke as you go about your ritual. Feathers are powerful symbols from the spirit world so in addition to the act itself, using a feather enhances the connection to the spiritual realm. I prefer using feathers that I find naturally in nature, as I consider them gifts from my Spirit Guides.

You also need to make sure you have something that provides the fire to light your smudge stick. If you plan on doing a lengthy smudging ceremony, then it helps to have a lighter or striker to use if you need to relight it. Otherwise, you can utilize matches or light a candle and place it over the flame. When the smudge stick catches you want to let it burn for a couple of seconds and then blow it out. The goal is to use the smoldering smoke NOT the flame.



Before you begin the ritual, think about what it is that you want to release or cleanse. When you have established what it is, it helps to repeat this affirmation as you physically perform the act of smudging in each area. For example, if you are looking to simply cleanse your house of negative energies you can say something like “I now cleanse and release this space of any negative energies as they are no longer welcome here. There is only room for love and positive energy. Please leave now.” The words can be anything you want them to be, but it helps solidify your purpose in what you are doing and the act of repeating it strengthens the connection to it. Say whatever comes natural to you and don’t think too hard about it. You know and understand inside what it is you are looking to accomplish, always be truthful and honest with yourself.

Prayer for Cleansing


Before you smudge, aside from making sure your tools are handy you should go around to each space that you plan on smudging and open a window (or door to the outside if you do not have windows). The main reason for this is because the energy that your clearing needs somewhere to go, otherwise it will just keep on lingering! Opening the windows and/or door allows that energy to leave your space and be brought to the spiritual realm for transformation. Bonus: it gets fresh air circulating in your home and feels so good! Since the herbs are very fragrant it also helps air out the herbaceous smell if you aren’t so used to it.

Make sure that before you smudge you are not rushed to finish the process and will not be interrupted. Sit quietly and take a few deep breaths to center yourself before beginning. It helps to have a calm frame of mind going into it.


Your House – It’s always a good idea to sage your house or living space whenever you:

  • Purchase a new home, to rid prior energies
  • Before you have company over to create an inviting atmosphere
  • After your company leaves to release any lingering energies
  • Before and after clients if you work from home and have strangers frequently in your space
  • Every so often to generally cleanse the air and keep it fresh (it certainly doesn’t hurt)

Pick a space that you would like to start in, light your smudge stick and use your feather to gently sweep the smoke around the room while stating your intention. Pay particular attention to the four corners of each room as they collect the most energy. After you have swept the smoke around the entire room, finish up the room by guiding it towards the open window or door and asking it to please leave your space. Proceed into the next room and so forth and so on until your house is complete. Leave time to do this as it may take a bit. Don’t forget hallways, garages, attics, crawlspaces, and other nooks and crannies. Once complete you can close all windows and doors.

Objects – Similar to cleansing your house except the focus this time is on specific objects such as furniture, toys, memorabilia, keepsakes and jewelry to name a few examples. It is a good idea to sage objects when:

  • You buy something at a garage sale
  • You receive a gift from someone
  • You find something by chance and choose to keep it
  • If you find yourself drawn to it in a negative way
  • Feel that this object is the source of bad energy

Light your smudge stick, state your intention and sweep the smoke around the object on all sides: left, right, top, bottom, front, back. Guide the smoke towards the open window or door.

Yourself – It’s important to sage yourself as well. In my experience above, I used this method because the energy I was feeling was circulating in my aura. It is a good idea to sage yourself when:

  • You are not feeling like yourself, with no particular explanation as to why
  • You feel like you are attracting negative situations or people to you
  • When you spend time around others whose energy you may not be fond of
  • In general for overall well-being and spiritual health

To do this method, stand with your feet rooted to the earth and light your smudge stick. Holding the sage a few inches in front of you beginning at your root chakra, gently sweep the smoke in a circular motion stating your intention and asking to cleanse your root chakra. Continue this method for all your chakras, working up to your crown chakra. Once you have done this, swirl the smoke all around you, including passing it between your legs and underneath your root to cleanse all areas. Direct the energy out towards the open windows/doors. If you’re not familiar with the chakras, head over to my Chakras Section to find out where these areas are and familiarize yourself with these energy centers.

Your Car – If you are in your car a lot it is also a good space to cleanse because chances are when you are going to and from places and interacting with people it is the first place aside from  your aura that can absorb energy. Let’s not forget about road rage! Smudging your car is good when:

  • You are going to be spending a lot of time in your car traveling
  • You are chauffeuring or driving someone else around
  • You are entering your car after spending time somewhere stressful
  • You have been the source of unfortunate events such as accidents, fender benders or victim of road rage

To do this ritual, opening all of the windows saves you time since it’s a much smaller space and the energy doesn’t have as far to travel. Light your smudge stick, state your intention and begin your ritual (don’t forget the trunk). When you are done with the inside of the vehicle, continue by walking around the outside of your car entirely and sweeping the smoke around the outside as well.

Your Work Space – If you don’t work from home, smudging your work space is good when:

  • You’re having difficult concentrating or finishing tasks on time
  • You spend a lot of time at your desk or in the same space

Unless you work in an environment where your boss let’s you use the traditional smudge stick method, there may be a chance that you are unable to do so due to hazards in the workplace (especially in a corporate environment). See below for a list of alternative methods to cleansing your space.

Other People – Yep! You can also sage other people. In this case I am referring to those people that you live with on a daily basis. Just like you, they are a part of your living space and bring in their own energies from the day and have their own aura. Following the same procedure as smudging yourself, you can also perform the ritual on the other members of your household including your pets. Since you all share this same space there is no use in doing all that hard work saging yourself and your whole house if the energy could be lingering on another member of your household. It’s great if you have family members or roommates that are open and willing to do this, but if not I would recommend one of the different methods below.



Sometimes unfortunate circumstances prevent the ability to be able to use the traditional smudging method. Things such as renting a space and not being able to freely do as you please, living in a space with fire hazards prohibiting the use of fire/flames/smoke, living with individuals not willing to participate. There are other alternatives to using a smudge stick and burning sage, such as:

  • Palo Santo Stick – If you like the idea of using smoke but are not fond of the herbaceous smell of sage, you can use palo santo to burn instead. This wood is native to Central and South America and is used in the same way as sage. I happen to love the smell of this when lit as it lends notes of citrus, pine and wood similar to cedar and smells like a natural burning fire.
  • Sage Candle – If you’re not privy to smoke at all but like ambiance, then a sage candle could be an alternative for you. Though you won’t get the effects of the smoke to do the cleansing, the continuous fire and flickering flame is also a good tool for transformation. To make your ritual more significant you can write down the things you want to release on paper and then burn it in fire.
  • Sage Essential Oil – If you don’t like fire or smoke or are unable to use those methods in your space then diffusing sage essential oil can be beneficial. This could work in your car, your work space or in your home. The essential oil still cleanses and purifies the air and promotes spiritual transformation. I sometimes like using this method if I am pressed for time, or if I want to do a deep cleanse letting the essential oils diffuse for several hours.
  • Sage Incense – A less intense version of the smoke, but you still get the smoke and use of sage. You can also use your feather to sweep the smoke of the incense as you would the smudge stick.
  • Sage Spray – You can make your own at home sage spray using an empty water bottle, water and sage essential oil. For every ounce of water add 5-10 drops of essential oil. It’s up to you to add to your desired scent depending on how strong you prefer it to be. This method is good for use in any circumstance.
  • Fresh Sage – If you live among people that just can’t tolerate the smell of the smoke or sage or are unable to do any other method, you can always hang a bundle of sage above your entrance doorway. This helps keep all the other bad energy out so that when you walk in, everything is left at the door.


It is not uncommon to notice an immediate lift in the atmosphere after you sage yourself or your chosen space. This morning after doing my ritual, I felt an instant change in the air and felt like myself again. That’s another way you will come to tell that this energy was not your own. You can literally feel the heaviness and the weight of that energy being lifted off of you and out of your space.

You may also notice that in the coming days ahead, people with lower energies may try to “test you.”  If you’ve ever heard the expression “misery loves company” this is what I’m referring to. This is because you have raised your vibration higher, and lower energies can sense that. They may try to do what they can to bring you back down to their level. The best way to handle this is to send them love and light and go about your way with your newfound peace. Remember – you are responsible for your space! You don’t have to let in what you don’t want to let in. The power lies within. And that’s it! Hope this works for you as much as it has worked for me over the years.


Week of 4/15/18


“We are so Connected” from Doreen Virtue and James Van Praagh’s “Talking to Heaven” Mediumship Cards

This week’s message comes from your Guardian Angel on the other side! The person I’m referring to in this case is someone that was very special to you on this Earth and in this lifetime. Someone who was physically here with you and that you knew very well. This person has been with you through many lifetimes aside from this one and has been both your teacher and student. You were brought together on this Earth again to carry forth more lessons that you both needed to learn together and also separately. It could also be a beloved pet or friend and is not limited to just family.

Just because they are not here with you physically anymore, it does not mean they are not always around you spiritually. In fact, this message is reiterating that yes, the signs and symbols you receive are real and that they are always lovingly watching over you. Your loved one has never left you.

The connection between you remains strong and is actually quite stronger than when this person was physically here. This is because there are certain limitations we face as physical beings. They now know and see everything from the other side and have now come to understand that all things are not coincidental and that they are synchronized. For this reason, they are guiding you to trust the feelings you get and the messages you receive when you feel as though they are nearby. They are gently nudging you in the proper direction of your soul path and purpose.

If you are having a hard time connecting with your loved one on the other side, carry angelite crystal on you to further strengthen your bond and connection. The physical bond has ended because they aren’t physically here, but the spiritual one has not. Your guardian is waiting for you to be open to receiving their help and maintaining this powerful bond. All you need to do is ask and open your heart.

Please know that your loved one from above is always around you, and that you are never alone. In those moments that you think of them lovingly, know that they are also doing the same because of your strong connection. They see your thoughts and understand your heart. Right now in this moment they are sending you unconditional love. Be open to the signs you receive this week and trust in them. You are being divinely guided.

Week of 4/8/18


“Chaos and Conflict” from Colette Baron Reid’s “Wisdom of the Oracle” Divination Cards


Before things can be smooth sailing, sometimes they have to get a little messy. There may be someone or something that you feel you are up against and the key to handling this is not to fight or flight, but to take shelter. Trying hard to prove your point to another who is not on the same page as you and refuses to see your side of things will only create more chaos and conflict. The same goes for them as they may be trying to get you to see their point of view in which you may be unwilling. You have your side, and they have theirs. This could be pertaining to any relationship, whether romantic or not. Adding fuel to the fire is not recommended and it’s better for you to sit this battle out. Try and understand what the other person’s reasoning/thoughts/dilemma is. It doesn’t mean you need to agree but it’ll make it less stressful for you to deal with, and help you move on from it quicker. Take the focus off of the chaos itself and bring it into yourself. Recognize that no matter what the outcome of this is, you are growing from it and learning new lessons. Can it be negotiated? If not, then agree to disagree and move on!
This conflict and chaos can also signify chaos within yourself and your thoughts. You’ve heard the expression “what you think you attract”, and understand the law of attraction… so why are you creating stress in your mind that isn’t even real?! I know it’s easier said then done, but if you’re making things seem more chaotic then they actually are and exaggerating them, then that is what you’ll get. Keep your mind focused on the good that is happening around you, or the people in your life that make you laugh. Take a walk outside to clear your head and connect with nature and get yourself back to center. Things may seem chaotic to you on the outside right now, but they really aren’t. All is well!
If things have changed or are changing drastically in your life – something is/was taken away from you, you’ve lost something, ending a relationship, etc. – understand that things have shaken you to awaken you. Yes, this is difficult and right now things are chaotic and messy, but after every storm comes a rainbow. It is not a forever thing and you will come out of this just fine. Let the dust settle, take shelter and let the storm pass.

April 2018 – Blue Lace Agate


Blue Lace Agate always gets me feeling dreamy whenever I look at it or hold it because of that beautiful soft blue color. I knew the minute I saw mine three years ago that I needed to have it in my collection. I didn’t realize its strength and power until I began using it. It’s now one of those crystals that I carry on me several times a week, depending on what I’m doing and where I’m off to, especially if communication with others is involved or I’m working on creative projects. Blue Lace Agate is not just about any communication, it is more importantly geared towards open and honest communication from a loving place. Speaking your truth. Blue is a color of peace, loyalty and trust and these things will be strengthened as well.

This crystal is great for communication of all kinds as it pertains to the Throat Chakra. If you’re the kind of person that feels as though you have trouble speaking up for yourself and sharing your true feelings, then this crystal should be added to your daily “crystal-scription.” It will help you open that Throat Chakra right up so that you are able to express your emotions openly and honestly and have the courage to do so. If you find that despite using this crystal, you are still having trouble expressing yourself, then evaluate the strength of your Sacral Chakra as well. The Sacral Chakra governs our emotions in general (Carnelian or Orange Calcite can help open this up). By balancing and opening both the Throat and Sacral Chakras, you should be able to bring those feelings up and out, rather than keeping them locked inside. Repressed emotions are usually not a very good thing to hold on to as they have the potential to manifest as physical symptoms later on.

The Throat Chakra is also responsible for our sense of hearing, so if you feel you are not heard when you speak to someone or to a group, consider using Blue Lace Agate. It can help you effectively communicate what you need to without being rude or disruptive to others by giving you the ability to speak up. It is a great crystal to use when speaking in public, or for those individuals who communicate on a large scale on a daily or more than usual basis. It helps you to get your words across smoothly, engage the audience and really have them not just hear what you’re saying, but listen. Bonus: it helps quell the nerves and promote calm. If you are lacking confidence and courage, carry around crystals that open your Solar Plexus Chakra as well, as this is the chakra that holds our personal power. Citrine is a great one for this – see my blog on Citrine here – December 2017 – Citrine. When used in conjunction, this dream team is a force to be reckoned with.

Blue Lace Agate can also help with communication and hearing beyond the physical realm – clairaudience. From personal experience, I would have to say this crystal enhances my abilities further to be able to hear messages from the Spirit Realm. It’s a great stone to connect with Spirit and open to your Angels and Spirit Guides. The light blue color is likened to a Heavenly blue sky. That’s another reason why this crystal holds a special place in my heart.

Blue Lace Agate can also help on the opposite end of the spectrum, for those that have a habit of talking too much. Too much gossip, too much negativity – you know exactly the kind of people I am talking about. These aren’t just people who love to talk, they are the ones that seem to let words slip out of their mouths without first thinking of what they want to say, causing hurt feelings. The “Woops! No filter!” people. It’s never really an ok thing to hurt someone’s feelings. If you recognize this about yourself and think to yourself, “shoot I really need to work on that” then consider using Blue Lace Agate. Don’t worry, it won’t totally shut you down. But it will bring about balance to that area so that you have the ability to know when to speak your mind, and when some things are better left unsaid.

Physically, this crystal can help with issues pertaining to the throat (sore throat, laryngitis, strept throat, etc.), vocal cords, thyroid imbalance, tonsils, neck, swollen glands, and upper lungs.

Hope you enjoy this crystal as much as I do!




Week of 4/1/18


“Eight of Spring” from Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s “Fairy Tarot Cards”


You’ve heard of becoming stressed from a lot of negative things happening, but have you ever heard of becoming stressed because of too many good things that are happening? Well that’s happening! It’s stress nonetheless, but it’s a good stress this time around. A “keep you on your toes” kind of stress. Things may be happening so fast for you right now that you don’t know if you’re coming or going, and feel overwhelmed from all of the exciting and great new changes that have taken place. Don’t let this get you down. Now is the time for you to learn how to juggle and multitask all of these things. This intense Full Moon is bringing about A LOT of changes and dramatic shifts, so it’s natural that the energy tied to it is dramatic also – a.k.a. stress.
It’s essential that you learn how to juggle it all and make everything a priority. Remember, these things that happened are a blessing. Rather then look at it as “oh my goodness what did I get myself into, I can’t handle all of this,” look at it as “wow, I can’t believe all of these amazing things have happened just from my manifesting them!” Make to-do lists if you need to, break your schedule up into timelines so you are able to delegate a designated amount of time to each thing. When you have a better handle on your day, you’ll be able to better handle juggling everything. You have the energy and drive right now to be able to do all of that.
If you’ve been sitting around like “nothing has happened for me” or wondering when in the heck something is going to give.. GET READY. This is a time for rapid change. Again, this full moon is bringing in a lot of that intense energy (I can definitely feel it, Gemini rising). You may be jobless one day and then making tons of money the next, single and feeling alone and meet your soulmate the next day. Be ready, expect it and be ready for the energy that it will bring also. It’s all great things.
Don’t fear any changes that happen as they are all for your highest good. Change can be scary because we never know what lies on the other side – it’s the fear of the unknown. It’s a reasonable fear. How do we know that what’s happening is good? My way of handling this is knowing that any changes that happen are because my Spirit Guides have heard my wishes, my dreams, my manifestations and they are bringing it all to fruition. They have your best interests at heart and want you to have those things. If you have faith in them, they will show you and they will guide you. Sometimes things need time to change, and then other times it swoops in and happens suddenly. Now is the suddenly part. Grab on and enjoy the ride!