Week of 3/25/18


“Anticipation” from Jody Bergsma’s “Magical Times Empowerment Cards”


Mercury  may have recently gone retrograde but don’t let that disillusion you into believing that you won’t have what you seek. Rather than anticipating that everything will go wrong or that disaster is around the corner, use this time to go inward and focus on self-care, reflection and quietude. When you anticipate the worst that could happen and that things will go wrong, you are sending those thoughts into the universe to process and in turn receive back from the universe the very things you feared. Instead, anticipate that once the energy has settled, things will start to take shape again. There is a time and a place for receiving, and just because the energy may be off now it doesn’t mean it is that way forever. Anticipate receiving all of the things you dream of, and in time you will.

This card could also mean that you are anticipating that someone will be or should be everything you want them to be. Whether it is a romantic relationship, new love, friendship, family or coworker, evaluate the relationship dynamic between you and the other person. What is it that you are looking for in this relationship? If you aren’t getting along, what are you anticipating they do or say to make the situation different? You can’t control another person, their words or their actions. To expect someone to be the way you want them to, or say and do the things you want them to will only set you up for failure. Choose instead to be open and willing to hear or see another’s point of view.

This doesn’t mean that you need to lower your standards or tell yourself that you won’t ever meet the one for you, or that you won’t ever get along with that person anymore. Continue to do those things that raise your vibration to connect you with those meant for you. Rather, this means that instead of expecting someone to act a certain way and anticipating that it will fail, let go of the need to nit-pick and find fault and invite something different into your life. At the very worst, you will discover this relationship isn’t for you or that it is time to move on. At best, you learn and grow in this partnership and get along well. Anticipate the good in the situation, not the bad.

Lastly, this could also mean that lately you may have been feeling like something good is around the corner but have been anxiously awaiting what the heck it is or when it will happen. Hang in there! It’s almost time for you to receive the fruits of your labor. You’ve worked hard. Just be patient a little bit longer and soon you will see why it needed to take some time to surface. Greatness isn’t forced or rushed, it takes time and it takes lots and lots of patience. You are correct in listening to your intuition and anticipating that good that is ahead – because it is. Keep an optimistic attitude no matter what the outer circumstances.

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