Spell of Protection from Jealous and Negative Energy

I have a secret …. I am super sensitive to jealous and envious energy being directed at or towards me! I don’t mean sensitive as in it makes me upset, I mean sensitive as in I can feel when it is happening. I don’t necessarily need to even be in contact with someone or in the same room when I experience it, but I know when it is in the air as it is a very strong undefined feeling. I usually don’t say or choose to feed the fire about it and choose instead to quietly retreat and continue to do what’s meant for me. If you’re anything like I am – which I’m sure you are, that’s why you’re here – then you are also very sensitive to energies such as these and have strong empath/intuitive/psychic abilities. You also notice that a lot of times these very feelings can come from the people who are in your closest circle; friends, family, coworkers, and those individuals you interact with on a regular basis. Yes, this may be an uncomfortable truth, but nonetheless, it is true. You are around these people a lot and are exposed to one another’s energy more. If someone is making you a target, realize that it is not your problem but that of the other person. Continue to lead your life on your path and focus on yourself, your life and your dreams and aspirations, but protect yourself.
I have always been sensitive to this and decided there was something that I should do in order to truly protect myself from this energy. Your personal energy is sacred and you should not go around giving it to others whose intentions are not pure. When someone is jealous or envious of you they are sending negative energy to you, and while you may not know exactly what it is in their mind they are directing towards you (or maybe you do), do know that if you let it consume you without protecting yourself then it will drain you and your energy. You’ve worked too hard to get to where you want to be spiritually to let someone project that kind of energy onto you. I like to use crystal grids whenever there is something I want to centrally focus on shifting, changing, manifesting or protecting in my energy fields.


You will need:
CRYSTAL GRID – You can find crystal grid layouts through the internet, or you can create your own, arranging the crystals however you wish.
CRYSTALS – Choose one crystal that you wish to use as your central guiding force, and any number of other crystals of your choice as the surrounding energy.
CANDLE – Ideally, a black candle would be best as it is great for banishing negativity. However, if you don’t have a black candle handy then use your intuition to pick one that would work best. I didn’t have a black candle on hand so I decided on the red one which represents strength, passion, vitality, defense.
PROTECTIVE AMULETS – Since you are working with harsh energy, make sure that you have at least one amulet of protection. This could be anything from a photograph to an object to an heirloom. As long as it is something that makes you feel safe.
CINNAMON – Cinnamon is viewed as a powerful protective herb in the spiritual realm/witch world. You can use a cinnamon stick or ground cinnamon.


When you’ve gathered all your materials, begin by setting up your space. Place your crystal grid in the center, and your candle and protective amulets above the grid or vice versa if you’re being called to do so. I have always felt that placing them at the top signifies a higher spiritual power and placing things on the bottom is a grounding power. That’s why in this case my amulets are placed at the top, so that I receive the help and protection from my guides and guardians. You can then place your main crystal in the center of the grid and arrange the others around the central one. Remember, this is a spell of protection from jealous and negative energy. Choose crystals that for you, help with this type of energy. There are no correct or incorrect crystals to choose when using a crystal grid. I will say as a recommendation that black crystals such as tourmaline, onyx, hematite and smoky quartz are best for absorbing and transforming negative energy.


After everything is set up, I like to turn the lights off and sit quietly to allow whatever feelings related to this come up. Acknowledge how you are feeling, and state aloud what it is that’s going on to make you feel this energy, and whom you are receiving it from. After you have spoken (or you can write it down if you’d rather not say it aloud) then play a meditation to help clear away the negativity further. I like The Honest Guys – Clearing Negativity.
Sit or meditate for as long as you like, asking your guides and guardians for protection from these people and this energy. After you  have cleared the energy it is time to protect yourself. Ask your guides and guardians to surround you in a powerful bright white light of protection. As you do this imagine taking a sparkling and glowing marker (a true magic marker!) and drawing a bright white light around your whole body. Seal this light by affirming that no one or no thing that seeks to harm you, including your own thoughts, can get through. Three times, repeat the spell I have written – “For those who seek to spite, I send you love and light. For those who wish me hell, I wish you all things well.” It is important to know and understand that you should not retaliate and send harsh energy back to anyone, as that is only sealing your own fate. The bad needs to be met with good in order for it to lose its control.

Spell Of Protection From

End your spell by thanking your spirit guides for guiding you during your ritual and for protecting you thereafter. Acknowledge and honor your own inner strength for being able to withstand and conquer over negative energies.
When your spell is over, take gentle care of your mind, body, and spirit in the hours and days following it. You’ve just done a lot of energy clearing so be sure to nourish yourself with a lot of water, tea, healthy and light foods and get adequate sleep for at least seven to nine hours. Carry the crystals that you used in your spell with you to further solidify and protect you, especially when you will be around strong energies. Pat yourself on the back for recognizing and taking the steps to protect your energy!

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