Week of 3/11/18


“Cunningwoman” From Lucy Cavendish’s “The Faery Forest” Oracle Deck

This card is not so much about someone around you that is sly and cunning but rather a time of embracing the inner cunning in you. This is not meant in a way to be sneaky and hurtful to others but to be independent, still and observant. There may be something in your life that you are unsure of or waiting for answers on, be it a relationship, job or career move or another big change. Maybe you’ve been going back and forth in your mind on what to do about this, and are feeling pressured to make a decision or find an answer. This pressure may lie in the fact that you feel you need to let the world know everything you are doing and working towards. But life is not a competition.

Right now your answers will come in stillness. Take a step back and assess what everyone around you is doing. Be still and observant of the actions and words of others, and perhaps in their actions you will find the right next move. Now is not the time to divulge all of your biggest secrets. There is nothing wrong with keeping quiet your thoughts and ideas. Whether you are normally more extroverted or introverted, the world does not always need to know what you are up to. Understand that what people post on social media may not always be everything that is going on behind closed doors. They could still be working on big career moves, making big changes to their home life, or starting new endeavors. The same goes for you. At this time you should not reveal all to others.

On the contrary, maybe you are one of those people who do chronically post every thing you are doing on social media because you feel that you need to constantly be in the spotlight, or fear that others may do or pursue the same interests, lifestyle or decisions as you. The truth is that what is meant for you will be for you, and what is meant for them will be for them. While it is perfectly ok and healthy to post whatever your heart desires on social media, know that it is also ok and safe for you to go into hiding at this time for a short while to recharge your batteries and assess what others are doing instead. Truth comes in taking a step back from everything to gain clarity.

Learn to be independent and not worry what others are doing. LIFE HACK: You also don’t need to look at or engage in anything you don’t want to! If there is something or someone whose presence or even social media posts are draining your energy then again, quietly step back, scroll past, unfollow – whatever you feel. Let them do their thing, and in those actions you will discover more about yourself. Quiet your mind, and reconnect with yourself and your dreams. Work towards fulfilling them each day. A time will come for you to share your news with the world but the time is not at this moment. Don’t jump ahead to share if you aren’t even sure of everything yet.

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