Week of 3/25/18


“Anticipation” from Jody Bergsma’s “Magical Times Empowerment Cards”


Mercury  may have recently gone retrograde but don’t let that disillusion you into believing that you won’t have what you seek. Rather than anticipating that everything will go wrong or that disaster is around the corner, use this time to go inward and focus on self-care, reflection and quietude. When you anticipate the worst that could happen and that things will go wrong, you are sending those thoughts into the universe to process and in turn receive back from the universe the very things you feared. Instead, anticipate that once the energy has settled, things will start to take shape again. There is a time and a place for receiving, and just because the energy may be off now it doesn’t mean it is that way forever. Anticipate receiving all of the things you dream of, and in time you will.

This card could also mean that you are anticipating that someone will be or should be everything you want them to be. Whether it is a romantic relationship, new love, friendship, family or coworker, evaluate the relationship dynamic between you and the other person. What is it that you are looking for in this relationship? If you aren’t getting along, what are you anticipating they do or say to make the situation different? You can’t control another person, their words or their actions. To expect someone to be the way you want them to, or say and do the things you want them to will only set you up for failure. Choose instead to be open and willing to hear or see another’s point of view.

This doesn’t mean that you need to lower your standards or tell yourself that you won’t ever meet the one for you, or that you won’t ever get along with that person anymore. Continue to do those things that raise your vibration to connect you with those meant for you. Rather, this means that instead of expecting someone to act a certain way and anticipating that it will fail, let go of the need to nit-pick and find fault and invite something different into your life. At the very worst, you will discover this relationship isn’t for you or that it is time to move on. At best, you learn and grow in this partnership and get along well. Anticipate the good in the situation, not the bad.

Lastly, this could also mean that lately you may have been feeling like something good is around the corner but have been anxiously awaiting what the heck it is or when it will happen. Hang in there! It’s almost time for you to receive the fruits of your labor. You’ve worked hard. Just be patient a little bit longer and soon you will see why it needed to take some time to surface. Greatness isn’t forced or rushed, it takes time and it takes lots and lots of patience. You are correct in listening to your intuition and anticipating that good that is ahead – because it is. Keep an optimistic attitude no matter what the outer circumstances.

Spell of Protection from Jealous and Negative Energy

I have a secret …. I am super sensitive to jealous and envious energy being directed at or towards me! I don’t mean sensitive as in it makes me upset, I mean sensitive as in I can feel when it is happening. I don’t necessarily need to even be in contact with someone or in the same room when I experience it, but I know when it is in the air as it is a very strong undefined feeling. I usually don’t say or choose to feed the fire about it and choose instead to quietly retreat and continue to do what’s meant for me. If you’re anything like I am – which I’m sure you are, that’s why you’re here – then you are also very sensitive to energies such as these and have strong empath/intuitive/psychic abilities. You also notice that a lot of times these very feelings can come from the people who are in your closest circle; friends, family, coworkers, and those individuals you interact with on a regular basis. Yes, this may be an uncomfortable truth, but nonetheless, it is true. You are around these people a lot and are exposed to one another’s energy more. If someone is making you a target, realize that it is not your problem but that of the other person. Continue to lead your life on your path and focus on yourself, your life and your dreams and aspirations, but protect yourself.
I have always been sensitive to this and decided there was something that I should do in order to truly protect myself from this energy. Your personal energy is sacred and you should not go around giving it to others whose intentions are not pure. When someone is jealous or envious of you they are sending negative energy to you, and while you may not know exactly what it is in their mind they are directing towards you (or maybe you do), do know that if you let it consume you without protecting yourself then it will drain you and your energy. You’ve worked too hard to get to where you want to be spiritually to let someone project that kind of energy onto you. I like to use crystal grids whenever there is something I want to centrally focus on shifting, changing, manifesting or protecting in my energy fields.


You will need:
CRYSTAL GRID – You can find crystal grid layouts through the internet, or you can create your own, arranging the crystals however you wish.
CRYSTALS – Choose one crystal that you wish to use as your central guiding force, and any number of other crystals of your choice as the surrounding energy.
CANDLE – Ideally, a black candle would be best as it is great for banishing negativity. However, if you don’t have a black candle handy then use your intuition to pick one that would work best. I didn’t have a black candle on hand so I decided on the red one which represents strength, passion, vitality, defense.
PROTECTIVE AMULETS – Since you are working with harsh energy, make sure that you have at least one amulet of protection. This could be anything from a photograph to an object to an heirloom. As long as it is something that makes you feel safe.
CINNAMON – Cinnamon is viewed as a powerful protective herb in the spiritual realm/witch world. You can use a cinnamon stick or ground cinnamon.


When you’ve gathered all your materials, begin by setting up your space. Place your crystal grid in the center, and your candle and protective amulets above the grid or vice versa if you’re being called to do so. I have always felt that placing them at the top signifies a higher spiritual power and placing things on the bottom is a grounding power. That’s why in this case my amulets are placed at the top, so that I receive the help and protection from my guides and guardians. You can then place your main crystal in the center of the grid and arrange the others around the central one. Remember, this is a spell of protection from jealous and negative energy. Choose crystals that for you, help with this type of energy. There are no correct or incorrect crystals to choose when using a crystal grid. I will say as a recommendation that black crystals such as tourmaline, onyx, hematite and smoky quartz are best for absorbing and transforming negative energy.


After everything is set up, I like to turn the lights off and sit quietly to allow whatever feelings related to this come up. Acknowledge how you are feeling, and state aloud what it is that’s going on to make you feel this energy, and whom you are receiving it from. After you have spoken (or you can write it down if you’d rather not say it aloud) then play a meditation to help clear away the negativity further. I like The Honest Guys – Clearing Negativity.
Sit or meditate for as long as you like, asking your guides and guardians for protection from these people and this energy. After you  have cleared the energy it is time to protect yourself. Ask your guides and guardians to surround you in a powerful bright white light of protection. As you do this imagine taking a sparkling and glowing marker (a true magic marker!) and drawing a bright white light around your whole body. Seal this light by affirming that no one or no thing that seeks to harm you, including your own thoughts, can get through. Three times, repeat the spell I have written – “For those who seek to spite, I send you love and light. For those who wish me hell, I wish you all things well.” It is important to know and understand that you should not retaliate and send harsh energy back to anyone, as that is only sealing your own fate. The bad needs to be met with good in order for it to lose its control.

Spell Of Protection From

End your spell by thanking your spirit guides for guiding you during your ritual and for protecting you thereafter. Acknowledge and honor your own inner strength for being able to withstand and conquer over negative energies.
When your spell is over, take gentle care of your mind, body, and spirit in the hours and days following it. You’ve just done a lot of energy clearing so be sure to nourish yourself with a lot of water, tea, healthy and light foods and get adequate sleep for at least seven to nine hours. Carry the crystals that you used in your spell with you to further solidify and protect you, especially when you will be around strong energies. Pat yourself on the back for recognizing and taking the steps to protect your energy!

Week of 3/11/18


“Cunningwoman” From Lucy Cavendish’s “The Faery Forest” Oracle Deck

This card is not so much about someone around you that is sly and cunning but rather a time of embracing the inner cunning in you. This is not meant in a way to be sneaky and hurtful to others but to be independent, still and observant. There may be something in your life that you are unsure of or waiting for answers on, be it a relationship, job or career move or another big change. Maybe you’ve been going back and forth in your mind on what to do about this, and are feeling pressured to make a decision or find an answer. This pressure may lie in the fact that you feel you need to let the world know everything you are doing and working towards. But life is not a competition.

Right now your answers will come in stillness. Take a step back and assess what everyone around you is doing. Be still and observant of the actions and words of others, and perhaps in their actions you will find the right next move. Now is not the time to divulge all of your biggest secrets. There is nothing wrong with keeping quiet your thoughts and ideas. Whether you are normally more extroverted or introverted, the world does not always need to know what you are up to. Understand that what people post on social media may not always be everything that is going on behind closed doors. They could still be working on big career moves, making big changes to their home life, or starting new endeavors. The same goes for you. At this time you should not reveal all to others.

On the contrary, maybe you are one of those people who do chronically post every thing you are doing on social media because you feel that you need to constantly be in the spotlight, or fear that others may do or pursue the same interests, lifestyle or decisions as you. The truth is that what is meant for you will be for you, and what is meant for them will be for them. While it is perfectly ok and healthy to post whatever your heart desires on social media, know that it is also ok and safe for you to go into hiding at this time for a short while to recharge your batteries and assess what others are doing instead. Truth comes in taking a step back from everything to gain clarity.

Learn to be independent and not worry what others are doing. LIFE HACK: You also don’t need to look at or engage in anything you don’t want to! If there is something or someone whose presence or even social media posts are draining your energy then again, quietly step back, scroll past, unfollow – whatever you feel. Let them do their thing, and in those actions you will discover more about yourself. Quiet your mind, and reconnect with yourself and your dreams. Work towards fulfilling them each day. A time will come for you to share your news with the world but the time is not at this moment. Don’t jump ahead to share if you aren’t even sure of everything yet.

Week of 3/4/18


From Deborah Blake’s “Guide to the Everyday Witch” Tarot Cards


The quote that is attached to this card is “my cup runneth over” and it couldn’t be more true for you right now. The witch in this card is holding a cup overflowing with water, while at her feet her cat drinks water from the ground overflowing with growth, and her cauldron bubbles. There is a glowing light that surrounds her and she is graced by the presence of two white birds and a fertile background. This scene depicts one of a true symbol of abundance. She is coming to you at this time and offering you a sip from her cup and you would be wise to drink from it, as this opportunity does not come often.

This is a time of great emotional and spiritual fulfillment. You have done the hard work and have reached a point where your ideas and your creativity are flowing effortlessly from your being. Honor and show gratitude for the opportunities that have, and will come your way in the next week. Don’t worry about how and what they will be, but instead remain open to receiving them. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, for this is a time where you will be offered many blessings and it’s up to you to choose to accept them.

Since cups highly symbolize emotions, this could mean that relationships are very loving and communicable at this time. You are able to express yourself fully and with an open heart, and give to those who are in need because your cup is running over. You can always give when your cup is overflowing. If you have newly met someone romantically, then this card could symbolize the growth of attraction and of your bond.  It is also a time of getting to know the person on a deeper level.

Cups are also symbolic of intuition, so you may have heightened awareness and senses at this time. Now is the time to really pay attention to what your inner voice is telling you, as it is guiding you to your next steps. If you have never experienced an inner sense of knowing and are unsure of what your intuition is, take note of how you feel when the object of your inquiry is thought of or mentioned – does your stomach turn? Is there a little voice telling you and repeating a certain word or phrase when you hear or see something? Do sudden thoughts pop into your head that you have no idea where they came from? Do you feel like you get a sudden “push” to do something? This is all your intuition. Trust it, and the more you do the more it will open at this time.

As with all things, this opportunity is fleeting and will not always be there for the taking. Choose to accept it now while it is being offered to you, even though you may not have an idea or plan as to how your abundance will grow. There is none needed right now. Just like crystals know what they need to do for you by attuning to your energy, so too does this water know what it needs to bring you. This is a time of new beginnings. Trust it, and allow whatever “it” is to come to you. Your job is to remain open to whatever it may be and accept it.


March 2018 – Rosemary


Once March comes rolling around I start to get excited for the coming of Spring. In my mind, I’m thinking about all of the herbs I want to plant in my container garden, and what vibrant colors I want to paint all of my pots this season. There is nothing like having fresh herbs right outside your door! Among all of my favorite culinary herbs, rosemary is definitely at the top. But as is the case with most of nature’s medicine, there are other ways you can incorporate rosemary into your daily life.

1. Boost Memory and Concentration – This is my absolute favorite use for rosemary! As a student, it’s tough to juggle everything and sometimes stay focused on the task or subject at hand. Rosemary is a great herb to use for anyone who requires focus or concentration, especially during test taking or writing. Its aromatic properties open up the orifices so that your mind is clear, and you are calm yet alert. For this reason, rosemary is also a great herb for improving your memory so that you are better able to recall information you have absorbed. You can diffuse rosemary essential oil while studying or doing the task at hand, or you can keep a fresh sprig on your desk and smell it often to reap the benefits. To enhance your concentration and memory, carry or use Clear Quartz along with rosemary. This dynamic duo will have you passing your tests or getting your projects done with little to no difficulty or doubt. For more tips on studying and stress relief see my blog Studying, Stress, and Sleep: Tips to Overcome and Manage the 3 S’s.

2. Breathe Better – You know the feeling… you’re plagued with a horrible cold or sinus infection and everything is stuffy and your blowing your nose every 10 seconds. It’s pretty awful when you lay your head down at night to try and rest only to discover that you can’t even breathe! The combination of rosemary and eucalyptus (or rosemary alone) in a salve and rubbed on the chest, or diffused in an essential oil diffuser/humidifier next to your bed will help you rest easy and open your nasal passages. Even though rosemary is good to keep you mentally alert and focused, it is also very calming and soothing to help sleep because it helps to clear the mind. If you’re struggling with cold symptoms or trouble breathing, give this a try and see if it helps. At the very least, you will be helping to boost your immunity while taking in the scent as it also has antimicrobial and immune-boosting properties.

Herb Healthy Rosemary Food Spices And Herbs

3. Release Toxins – Rosemary helps to detoxify the Liver and improve Kidney function. This makes it a good herb to release toxins in the body through the urine, reduce Kidney stones and improve urinary retention due to its natural diuretic properties. Use a few fresh sprigs in your water or tea, adding as much as you can tolerate taste-wise, or incorporate more rosemary into your dishes with things like chicken or potatoes which often pair well with it.

4. Stimulate Menstrual Flow – Those women suffering from painful periods, delayed periods or irregular cycles could benefit from using rosemary to stimulate and increase blood flow. If you are currently trying to get pregnant and have a history of irregular periods, rosemary can help to boost your fertility as it can help to regulate your cycle. When your menstrual cycle is regular, your chances of conception are higher. You can use any of the above methods mentioned: water, tea, diffusing oil or you can take a relaxing bath with rosemary oil or fresh sprigs of rosemary. If you are pregnant, suspect you may be pregnant or currently have heavy periods, rosemary should not be used aside from in food, as it can stimulate too much movement.

5. Pain Relief – Since rosemary aids in helping blood flow, it is also a great herb to alleviate pain from headaches and migraines. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, rosemary is considered to be yang in nature (warming) and so therefore should be used for those who present with signs and symptoms of a cold nature (yin). If you suffer from Herbs Rosemary Spices Pepper Peppercorns Thymedull headaches, aching head, piercing pain and have a relatively dull complexion and feel lethargic, you are more likely to benefit from using rosemary for your headaches. Put two or three drops of rosemary essential oil into the palms of your hands, rub them together and gently apply it to your temples or jaw bone – two areas where we hold a lot of tension. Give yourself a soothing facial massage to help ease the symptoms. If you are typically more flushed in the face or your headaches are accompanied by rage or irritability then rosemary may not be as helpful to you for the headache part. See a local acupuncturist to determine what pattern you present with so that your practitioner can help you discover if will benefit you. Regardless, as mentioned above, rosemary is still good for helping to ease the mind and clear thoughts so if your headache is stress related it may still have a positive effect for you in order to calm you down. The best way to do this is by utilizing rosemary oil in an essential oil diffuser.

6. Breath Freshener – With its antibacterial properties, rosemary is a great herb to freshen  up your breath. It helps to break up bacteria and germs leaving your mouth feeling fresh. Check out this article – Rosemary Mouthwash – for an idea on how you can make your own mouthwash to combat halitosis.

7. Uplifting – With its woody scent it’s hard to be in a bad mood whenever rosemary is in the picture. Whether diffusing it, using it as garnish for your beverage, adding it to food, or using it in tea and water its an herb that will improve your outlook or current mood. Its scent is reminiscent of a walk in nature on a sunny day, having complete clarity and being of sound mind, with nothing to worry about!

8. Insect Repellent – Rosemary naturally repels mosquitoes and other pesky insects harmful to plant life. Aside from the fact that I love this herb for all of the reasons above and then some, this is also one of the reasons it makes its way into my garden every year. Since I live in an apartment, the only space I have to garden is using containers outside on my steps. I like to keep rosemary closest to my door to keep the mosquitoes from trying to make their way inside. You can also use rosemary for companion planting, planting them near other plants known to attract insects that destroy them to aid in keeping them away, or make your own plant insect repellent using rosemary to spray on your other garden goods.