Spell to Set Intention for Your Crystals

Hopefully by this point, you have cleansed your crystals and are ready to program them with your intentions. If you haven’t yet cleansed your crystals and they are brand new, I suggest first doing so. If you need ideas on how to do so you can check out my blog Spell To Cleanse Your Crystals With Elements
You can also choose to set an intention for your crystal when you need to use it, or when you feel you need to re-program them. Sometimes a crystal fulfills its purpose and may need a new task to help you with. If you always want them to help you with something in particular then they will, I am just speaking in terms of if you have bought a crystal for a specific purpose and no longer need that purpose fulfilled. They do otherwise attune to your energy no matter what, and will always do what they are supposed to do for you at any given time.
There may be some crystals that you know right off the bat what you want to use them for, but for the ones that you’re unsure – that’s fine – no need to make a decision before you begin. It is all a part of the intention ritual. Sometimes, the ones you think you want to use for something wind up telling you differently through intuitive guidance. As mentioned, they do always work to benefit you for your highest good, no matter what the intention is.


You will need:
CRYSTALS – All of them, or any that you wish to program and set an intention for.
PALO SANTO OR SMUDGE STICK – For a quicker cleanse if you haven’t done one yet.
JOURNAL/PIECE OF PAPER AND A PEN – To write down the messages you receive.


You can begin by finding a nice quiet space, preferably a tabletop to make writing easier. Set the mood of the atmosphere as you wish with relaxing music, candles, incense, whatever calls to you. Arrange your crystals to one side and your journal and pen either in the middle or to your other side. Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and clear your head. If you haven’t already done so, take the time to light your palo santo/smudge stick and gently sweep it back and forth over your crystals, cleansing them. State your intent saying something like, “I will now program each of you to help me reach all my dreams, goals, and aspirations and all that will be for my highest good and for the highest good of all.”


The rest is relatively simple from here. Using one crystal at a time, pick one up and hold it loosely in your hand. Gently stroke and touch/rub it, all the while connecting with the crystal. As you touch it and connect with it, it is programming and tuning in to your personal energy. It knows what its purpose is for you. If you know what the particular crystal’s purpose and use will be for, then say it aloud and then in your journal write down the name of the crystal and a brief (or thorough) description of what its use will be. The reason for writing it down is to have something to reference back to in case you forget. This is particularly useful if you have a very large crystal collection. Each crystal can be used to help with more than one thing, there are no limits. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily limit what each crystal can do for you. It merely means that when you hold or carry that particular crystal, it will actively attune to your needs. Once you finish with that crystal, place it on the opposite side of the others.
If you are unsure of what you want the crystal to be intended for, take a few moments to sit and try to listen and open to the message that the crystal is carrying for you. Usually, whatever comes to your mind first is what it wants its healing use to be. Don’t worry about seeming silly or second guessing yourself. If something doesn’t make sense, don’t necessarily question it. It may not be something you need immediately but down the line could use help with. Also, don’t feel pressured to use crystals for what they are intended for in the public eye. Meaning, if you know in a general sense that Lapis Lazuli helps to open your third eye but when you hold it and connect with it you feel like it will help you in times of communication professionally, then go with whatever it is your intuition is telling you. I myself have a few crystals that I use for reasons other than or in addition to what they are well known for. Once you discover what you want to use them for, write it down and then place your crystal on the opposite side.
If you find that when you hold a particular crystal you don’t feel any kind of connection with it, or message to come along with it, then it could be that crystal is not meant to be used and programmed right now. Just like relationships, don’t force it if it isn’t there. Simply store it away until your soul is being called to use it again. When that time comes, be sure to cleanse it and then do this exercise. Keeping crystals stored away for a period of time without using them can dull their activation.


When you’re done programming and attuning all of your crystals, you can close out your ritual by saying aloud the spell I have written – “Crystal treasures shining bright, fill my days with love and light. Release all worries and push them away, fulfill my desires of that which I say.” Or you can come up with your own spell or chant to solidify the intentions you’ve set for your crystals.

Spell To Set Intention For Your Crystals

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