Week of 2/25/18


From Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s “Fairy Tarot Cards” Oracle Deck


Can you feel the magic in the air lately?! Doesn’t it feel like lately your desires are being manifested at lightning speed? Or you think of something and then suddenly it pops up somewhere or you hear or read about it in passing? The emotions that have previously engulfed you like worry and fear about your future will now dissipate in the wind! That which has previously held you back like doubt or missed opportunities were only that way because it wasn’t the right time for you. This is a time of abundance and wishes coming true. This is the right time for manifesting, letting go, and receiving.

If there is something that you have been wanting for a long while, now is the time to manifest it because the portals are open to help it come true. Everything is lining up to deliver to you everything you’ve imagined. However, do not dictate how you want it to happen. Make your wish and then let go. One way you can do this is to write down on paper all of the things you desire and then either burn it, bury it or rip it up. If you’re a yogi or interested in yoga, another thing you can do (which my teacher recently taught us) is to write it on a piece of paper and place it under your mat. Meditate and/or do yoga on it. Tuck the piece of paper away somewhere safe where you can use it each time until your dreams are fulfilled.

After you have done this is the letting go part. Don’t dwell on your wants and needs but instead take this time to enjoy life. To live, laugh, and have fun. Have you ever watched the magic and wonder in a child’s eyes whenever they see or do something new and magical or when they are having fun? There is not a care in the world for them except for the one thing they are focusing on – fun. That is being asked of you in order to fulfill your dreams. Stay filled with wonder and the magic of the universe and you will surely get everything that you’ve wished. But you need to remember to have fun and enjoy everything that surrounds you right now.

Be very careful in what it is that you want, and make sure that when you set your intention it is for the highest good of all. Your dreams are likely to come true if it is not at the expense or hurt of another. So long as you act in the best interest, your dreams will come true at lightning speed. Be open to the magic that resides inside of yourself and your connection to the universal energy. It is real! Get ready to live your dream life!

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