Week of 2/11/18


From Colette Baron Reid’s “Wisdom of the Oracle” Oracle Card Deck


Is there something that you’ve been putting off doing because you feel it no longer coincides with your beliefs or interests? This could be a project, or even a job that you no longer feel driven towards. When the Unfinished Symphony card arrives in a reversed position it is sent with a message that procrastinating of one thing will only lead to more, and then more, and more. Until you are in a cycle of self-sabotage.
Picture in your mind a beautiful symphony that completely stops suddenly about three quarters of the way through. What the heck happened? Where did the rest of it go? It’s a shame you’ll never know how the whole symphony sounded, if only it was complete. The same goes for your life, your projects or whatever it is that you have unfinished right now. If you do still want to complete this unfinished business but have lost your drive and motivation, gather all of your inner strength and finish it, as it is not a good time to let it fall away. Even if it’s just little baby steps, doing a little bit at a time, it will bring you further to eventual completion. And who doesn’t feel proud or success when something is done? You can move forward with a clear mind to other business. Set aside ten uninterrupted minutes each day this week to work on your project. If this is more about work for you then take steps to help you feel motivated each day. Spruce up your desk space by bringing in some plants, pictures, or diffuse some citrus essential oils. Any little bit can help revive your drive.
Maybe you’ve lost your passion altogether for this unfinished business. You will still benefit from finishing whatever it is, even if it just knowing that you were able to complete something. Finishing the ‘symphony’ with some effort is better than not finishing it at all. It will be complete and done, and you can move on to the things that truly feed your soul. If this pertains to work, then maybe it’s time for you to start looking for another job. Quitting at the drop of a hat without a solid back up plan may prove to be not-so-smart for you right now.
If you continue to start things and not finish them you will eventually find that this makes its way into your personal life as well. Whether it be romantic relationships, friendships, or work moving from one to the next. Tie up loose ends, finish what you need to and then respectfully bow out gracefully. You never know who you will meet again on your path in life.
Whether you desire completing your unfinished business and are having trouble or you don’t want to at all, call on Spirit to help you have the drive and determination to do so. Ultimately, your Spirit Guides want to help. They know what you’re feeling in your heart without you having to say it. They are on your side and want what’s best for you. They know that unfinished business leads to lack and will gently nudge you to finish so you can move on to bigger and better things. Finish your symphony this week and see how much better you feel once it’s complete. Freedom!


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