Week of 2/4/18


From Denise Linn’s “Nature Spirit” Oracle Cards


Things are not always what they seem. This can be said for those things that seem bad on the outside or things that seem good on the outside. You must use your discretion this week when it comes to this. If something looks or seems to good to be true, or if something seems outlandish you must dig beneath the surface to truly try and understand if this object/person/place/opportunity is a right fit for you.

The coyote in this card can be depicted in two ways. There is the fun and playful side of him but then there is the cunning and sly part of him. Don’t take everything at face value, sometimes you need to discern what is right for you and for your path. This means that you can take some time getting to know someone or something, you don’t need to jump right in to making a decision. Don’t be afraid and on guard but rather, find humor in the situation and remain lighthearted. You should not remain stagnant and afraid of being ‘tricked,’ for this is an opportunity of growth and for you to be able to step outside of yourself into new.

This card could also represent you or a person in your life. Is there someone that is constantly playing games with you and you are refusing to look past this and instead continue to let them play these same games over and over again? Are you the one that plays games with people, manipulating them in order to gain what is best for you? If someone is acting as the trickster in your life, then it may be time to gently pull your energy back from them. Learn to set boundaries with this person and remain firm that you will not tolerate this type of behavior. Seek respect within yourself. Once you learn to do this the tricksters won’t look to you as their prey. You will have become stronger by then, and the weak only prey on the weak.

If you have some aspects of the trickster inside of you, then perhaps it’s time for you to learn how to succeed in a different way and not at the expense of others. Remember that in this game of life, what you give out to the universe will come back to you, no matter how long it takes. Act in a manner that will benefit all and really think about what you are doing or saying before you do or say it. This doesn’t mean you won’t hurt others in the process – hurt is an inevitable part of life – but rather that the way you go about doing things needs to be reassessed. It’s one thing to act sly behind someone’s back to get what you want and another thing to approach the person openly and honestly to tell them what it is that’s bothering you/what you aren’t happy about. Think about this, as it is all in the approach.

Contrarily, is there too much play and fun and not enough seriousness? Life is about balance. Yes, who doesn’t want endless fun and laughter? But the truth of the matter is that we can’t know and appreciate the fun without having to do the not-so-fun stuff. Tend to your job/chores/duties with a more serious note. You can still keep a lighthearted attitude towards work and choose to smile and put your best self out there. But goofing off will only get you so far!



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