February 2018 – Red Garnet


I don’t know about you, but when I think February I think Valentine’s Day and all things love! Why not up the passion and intimacy factor this month by bringing some Red Garnet into your life?

The difference between this crystal and others like Rose Quartz (which attract love of all kinds – see my blog November 2017 – Rose Quartz for more info) is that this stone connects deeply with your Heart Chakra AND your Root Chakra. Your Root Chakra is connected with your basic needs in life – one of these physical basic needs is sex. Red Garnet can attract love and help you connect on a deeper intimate level while also strengthening a passionate and sensual sex life, and help to fulfill romantic desires.

Since it is associated with the Root Chakra, it can help with physical ailments such as low back pain, foot pain, and leg pain. With its strong affinity for helping with passion and sexuality, it can also aid in helping any issues related to those areas such as low libido, disinterest, or increasing confidence and removing fears or shyness. When you think of something red associated with our bodies, blood should come to mind. Red Garnet could also be used to help tonify and detoxify the blood, blood diseases (anemia, sickle cell, blood cancers, etc.) and with its connection to the Heart Chakra, any circulatory issues related to the Heart and Lungs. Its red color can also help stimulate appetite.

Red is the color of life, power and confidence. If you are lacking the drive or courage to go forth with something, whether it be a project or an endeavor, incorporate Red Garnet into your life to help you to build the confidence and motivation to be able to start. Sometimes actually starting something is the hardest part, and many people never reach that point for fear of failure. This stone will help you to feel alive and ready to take anything on, without acting rash or erratically. With its association with the Root Chakra it is a very grounding stone and will help you do things with tenacity while staying rooted and maintaining a humble attitude.

Ancient warriors used to use Garnet as talismans for protection and strength when in battle (and to help with wounds – blood). You’re no different! You’re the warrior of your own life after all. As mentioned above, red is the color of life. If you’re feeling lackluster, insecure or depressed then use Red Garnet to help lift your spirits and give you strength each day to “fight your battles.”

While Red Garnet can help to increase love and passion, it can also help on the opposite end of the spectrum in times of depression related to heartbreak and loss. In this sense, I am referring to widows and widowers who have lost a life partner (see my blog Coping: Grief And The Loss Of A Loved One if you are looking for some words of encouragement). This red crystal can bring vitality and emotional stability in difficult times, especially during the grieving process. Maybe you aren’t necessarily looking for it right now, or maybe you are, but this stone can help you to have the courage to find passion and love again.

Whether invoking passion into your existing relationship, manifesting a new and sensual love partner, or healing a broken heart, Red Garnet’s ability to help heal the Heart and the Root keep you grounded while at the same time lifting your spirits. I would say that’s pretty versatile! Invite this crystal into your life and you’ll be happy you did.


Associated Chakra: Root and Heart

Suggestions For Use: Carry it in your pocket * Wear it as jewelry * Keep it in your bedroom next to your bed or wear it while being intimate to enhance your confidence and sexuality * Women – wear it in your bra close to your Heart Chakra * Perform a love spell or crystal grid placing Red Garnet in the center.

Mantra: “I invite passion and a deeper connection into my intimate relationship.” “I have the confidence and strength to begin my projects and endeavors without fear of failure.” “I am grounded and safe while undergoing my daily tasks.” “I have all that I need to sustain me.” “When the time is right, I will attract new and passionate love into my life.”

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