Week of 1/28/18


From Deborah Blake’s “Everyday Witch” Tarot Deck


You are your own worst enemy this week!

A lot of times we make plans, lists, outlines, and figure out exactly how we want things to go and what course we want them to take (and we’re all guilty of doing this). In our heads, we have a definitive idea of the way we want things to happen, when they will happen, and they must go exactly as we have planned… or else! Well I have news for you – this isn’t how life works. Have you ever heard the expression “Man plans, and God laughs?” Well there’s a reason for that expression.

As a society we are shaped into giving in to our ego’s wants and needs and therefore expecting what we want and how we want it. However, there is a higher power working behind the scenes on your life that knows exactly what is best for you and your personal life path. If only you would just let go a little bit with the planning and organizing and let go of how you want the outcome of things to be, you will often find that they will work out in the best possible way for you. I definitely know a few people that plan, plan, plan everything and it must go there way or they get sulky if it doesn’t, even if it’s only one minor thing. I often step back and look at the situation and wonder: how can they be so sad when they have so much to be grateful for? This doesn’t mean I’ve never gotten pissed if I “spill the milk” when I’m already having a tough day. It’s about changing your attitude to look at all of the good things happening.

You are focusing too much on the negative things surrounding you right now. But are they really negative? You may be making a mountain out of a molehill right now. Maybe you didn’t get that job you applied for, aren’t dating the person you wanted to, haven’t started a family yet or are feeling pressured to do what you want RIGHT now. Maybe you planned out your entire party/wedding only to discover that they brought the wrong cake or that the weather ruined it, or your child got sick when you had your big event. Yes, all of these things suck. But there is SO much more to be grateful for, and nothing is truly ever so bad. Maybe there’s a better job/life partner out there for you that you haven’t connected with yet, or maybe you are meant to truly stop and enjoy the loving personality of your partner right now. Maybe the cake wasn’t the best, but having all of your family and friends together in one space was awesome. Maybe your child saved you in disguise from a disastrous event.

This could also mean that there is something new you are looking to undertake (job, relationship, family, etc.) and you are focusing entirely too much on all of the aspects of it that can go wrong. Stop those thoughts now. You won’t know how something will turn out, until you do it. Think of all of the things that could go right while at the same time letting go and taking one day at a time. You can’t and won’t know all of the answers until you experience for yourself.

You have much to appreciate right now and need to start looking at all of the cups in your life that are full and not the ones that are empty. If you keep focusing on the empty cups that have spilled out everywhere, you will never appreciate and enjoy the ones that are full and waiting for you to drink from them. Take what you are given this week from the universe, there is a deeper meaning to all of it. Cry, whine, complain all you want but it won’t change a thing. Count your blessings, and focus your energy on the things that are right and working.

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