Spell To Cleanse Your Crystals With Elements

If you are the proud owner of any crystals/gems, then it’s important that you take the time to cleanse them! It’s especially important to cleanse them when you first get them – you need to rid them of any prior energies they may have picked up along the way!
Your crystals could be cleansed whenever you feel they need to be also. This requires using your intuition. You will notice if your crystals start to feel a bit stagnant, like they might be “clogged”. If you think of an air filter, it picks up dirt and debris along the way of doing its work – the same goes for your crystals! They are working hard to help you manifest and attune to your wants and needs, and they are picking all of that energy up. They need some extra TLC and cleansing so that they can release all of that clogged up energy and continue helping you.
Last night, I was definitely feeling like my crystals needed a good and thorough cleansing. My absolute favorite way to do this is by using the elements of nature – fire, earth, air and water. This is definitely a bit more time consuming, especially if you have A LOT of crystals like I do. Dedicate at least an hour (sometimes longer, depending on what else you want to add to your ritual) if you really want to do a good deep cleansing.
You will need:
A FIRE ELEMENT – Typically I would say to use a white candle because it helps with cleansing and purity. However, I didn’t have one handy so I opted for the pink since it represents love in all forms. You don’t need to use a white candle. As always, use your intuition to pick which one is best for you. Some other examples of candle colors and meanings can be found here: Candle Magick – Which Colours?
A WATER ELEMENT – The best kind of water to use in your spells and rituals are those that are from nature, such as ocean water, river water, and stream water. The water that I used here is water from a very special stream that my family has gone to since I was little. It holds a magical quality to me and whenever I visit it, I refill my glass bottle to have it on hand. If you live near a body of water (or go on vacation somewhere), you can do the same and buy yourself a glass jar or bottle to hold it in. Of course, not all of us have this quick access, so if you don’t, you also have the option of using rain water or pure water that has been charged by the moonlight. You will need something to pour your water in and I recommend using something of a natural substance – that is the key in all of this – to use the elements. I used my abalone shell. You can also use a mortar and pestle or other clay or naturally made bowl. This water should be discarded after use in your spell as it carries energies that need to be rid of and not consumed.
AN EARTH ELEMENT – Such as fertile soil from a garden or plain uncooked brown rice. Again, you will need something to put it in. This time I opted for a large shell that I found on one of my beach explorations long ago. You should also not reuse the soil, or consume the rice after the ritual as it holds energies that you do not need to put back into your being.
AN AIR ELEMENT – I like to use the smoke from incense. But again, use your intuition on which scent you would like to use. I chose cinnamon for this because it has an overall effect of clearing negative energy. You can check out its many other benefits here: January 2018 – Cinnamon. You could also use a palo santo or smudge stick instead.
AMULETS OF PROTECTION – This could be anything that holds a protective value for you. It could be an object, picture of a guardian or spirit guide, or an herb just to name a few examples. The rosary beads I used were the very ones that my father was holding when we were at this wake. My mother said that he wanted me to have them and they became my treasure and source of protection and guidance from him. I keep them in his glass ashtray. I also chose feathers (my three favorites that I received) because they are my sign from my father that he is present. I also used a cinnamon stick to ward off any negative energy and protect me while doing the ritual. Your amulets can be any number of things that you like and you can pick however many you feel necessary for you and your purpose.
After you  have gathered your essentials, you need to arrange them. Make sure that you have enough space to do so, and clear out any other objects that may be in the way. Each element is designated a direction, and should be placed corresponding to that. Fire is South, Water is West, Earth is North, and Air is East. In the center should be your amulets of protection as this carries the energy of the cleansing and brings extra healing and cleansing benefit to your crystals (and you).


Now it’s time to start your ritual. Before I begin, I like to take a few deep breaths to relax myself and set a good intention for myself and my crystals. Set up a relaxing atmosphere, put some gentle music on, dim or turn off the lights, and try to be somewhere with as little noise as possible.
You can then begin by picking up a crystal and starting with the Earth Element, since it is grounding. Place the crystal in your chosen substance for several seconds while you say aloud the intention for this. I like to say, “with the power of earth, I cleanse you,” or “with the soil of earth, I ground you.” It can be anything you would like, as is the case for the next several elements.


Working in a clockwise motion, move on to the next element – air. Gently hold your crystal with your thumb and index finger and wave it back and forth through the smoke while repeating another intention such as, “with the power of smoke, I cleanse you,” or “with the smoke of air, I cleanse you.”


Fire is next – be CAREFUL!! Hold the crystal again with your thumb and index finger. The key to doing this is to move it back and forth through the fire faster then you would with air so that you do not burn yourself. Do not do this slowly as you have a higher chance of burning yourself. Repeat the intention of your desire such as, “with the power of fire, I cleanse you,” or “with the flame of fire, I ignite you.”


Next is water. I usually don’t soak or dunk the whole crystal in because it could get messy, so I lightly dip it in while stating the intention, “with the power of water I cleanse you,” or “with the stream of water, I purify you.”


I then bring my crystal into the center of my protective amulets. You don’t need to do this step if you don’t wish to, but I felt it as a way of extra cleansing for my crystals, while at the same time protecting them. You can hold your crystals above the center and seal your intentions by saying something along the lines of, “I cleanse you with the power of my Spirit Guides/Guardians/Angels/Protectors.”


If you want to seal your ritual, you can run your palo santo or smudge stick over everything and say something along the lines of, “I thank you for releasing any prior energies and for being special to me on my spiritual path, may you continue to guide me and help me attract everything I seek for my highest good.” And that’s it! It’s up to you if you want your ritual to stop there, or if you want to then move on to attuning and charging your crystals. You will feel a new sense of lightness to your crystals and in your life. As with everything, be patient in letting them help you!

Spell For Cleansing Your Crystals With Elements

3 thoughts on “Spell To Cleanse Your Crystals With Elements

  1. Hi Kelly, this is super informative, and the pictures for each element are really helpful! I normally just use Hawaiian salt in a ceramic bowl to cleanse my crystals, or the full-moon moonlight occasionally. But it’s nice to know there are other options. Aloha, Laney

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    • wow the salt is a great idea! I never thought of that. I will have to try that one someday. Thanks for that suggestion. And thanks for your comments/support. I’m glad I could offer some help and insight.

      Liked by 1 person

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