Week of 1/21/18


From Colette Baron Reid’s “Wisdom of the House of Night” Oracle Card Deck


When you assess your life, it may be comprised of many different parts: your home life, your relationships, your work, your hobbies, your schooling, your community. At times it could feel like they are all split little pieces (fragments) that require attention and it could get stressful dealing with all of them separately. You may be feeling like at least one aspect of your life is a bit out of balance, giving the illusion that there’s too much to juggle, and that nothing is in balance.
While it could be true that something may be out of balance, the key is to remember that you are whole. When you don’t understand something, or are dealing with something difficult in one aspect of your life, it is ok to take a step back from it. Focus on the things right now that are clear to you, that do bring you happiness, and that are in balance. The things that aren’t so clear will somehow come into balance when you stop focusing on them. You have much to be grateful for, and there is so much you are already accomplishing.
This card could also mean that you are only seeing a fragment of the truth about something. Take a step back from the situation, and look at it as a whole. Try to view all sides of the situation from everyone’s point of view and look at the words/actions of everyone involved, or the truth of everything involved. You will gain greater clarity of your inquiry when you view everything as whole and look at everything, instead of only what you want to see/hear.
Though everything may seem separated into small fragments, know and understand that in the grand scheme of things, all things – including you – are whole.

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