Week of 1/14/18


From Denise Linn’s “Gateway Oracle Cards” Oracle Deck
Sometimes in life, it’s hard to comes to grips with the reality we are currently faced with. Maybe right now you don’t have the things you want, or your life isn’t what you imagined it to be at this time. ACCEPT that right now, everything that is happening is all a part of the grand scheme of things. Even the small unimportant encounters or things that seem like they hold no value do indeed hold a special reason for why they transpired. There are sources working behind the scenes helping to make all of your dreams comes true, but in the meantime you must accept your life as it is right now in order to move forward.
This doesn’t mean that if you are unhappy you need to live with it forever. It only means that it is temporary and right now – though you may not understand it – there is a reason for the cards being dealt to you. Everything has a season. You will be aligned with certain people, places and opportunities when the time is right. But for right now, acknowledge that maybe you don’t have what you need or are not where you want to be on your path. The sooner that you say this aloud or acknowledge it to yourself with meaning, the less it will stress you and have a hold on you. It will also give you an understanding that there is a plan for your life, that it is guided and ultimately you will connect with those things that are for your highest good. Surrender to the Spirits that be, and the unseen forces and let them handle all of the hard work. Your job right now is to accept things as they are. That’s it! Even if you don’t necessarily accept and agree with something currently happening, affirming out loud that you don’t accept it is a truth in and of itself. Speaking your inner truth brings you closer to that which is meant for you.
This card could also mean that you’re having a hard time accepting yourself as an individual. Are you struggling or obsessing over your weight? Your looks? What others think of you? Your personality quirks? Understand that you are unique and beautiful in your own way. There is only one you, and nobody can do you like you can! It’s time for you to accept yourself in all of your glory, love and individuality. The idea of looking or being perfect is an illusion – everyone has different views on what perfect is. The harder you try to achieve it, the further you will be – because it doesn’t exist! Instead, drop the need to be someone or something that you aren’t. Accept yourself, be true to who you are inside (and out) and you will find that the closer you are to your authentic self, the more you shine for others and attract the things that you seek. Accept what is, and let go of what isn’t.


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