January 2018 – Black Tourmaline

There’s no better crystal to start your New Year off with and carry throughout the year than Black Tourmaline!
This crystal is a must in your collection, especially if you are in the healing arts, or spiritual and psychic work/mediumship. Black tourmaline is a powerful protection stone to guard against psychic attack. This means that it can guard against other individuals or evil spirits attempting to manipulate your thoughts or beliefs while you are engaging in psychic activity, meditation or other worldly exploration. It’s essential to protect yourself during these times because you don’t know what other energy will be present during  your journeys. 
It is also powerful for protection against negative energy or thought patterns in general every day living. You know the feeling when someone walks into a room and your gut starts to sink a little and you can feel the bad energy radiating from them? Black Tourmaline can protect you from absorbing that other person’s energy and keep your aura safe from invasion. It protects you from the classic energy vampire – those who seek to drain you and use your energy. It will also help you to send loving thoughts instead of spiteful and retaliating ones (if faced in a situation like that). This can be particularly useful in the workplace, especially if you work among a large group of people. With a lot of people comes a lot of different personalities, energies, beliefs and opinions. Black Tourmaline is a crystal I personally carry with me every day while at work for this particular reason. It helps to keep harmony in the workplace and I value its protection because I have worked hard to feel happy and at peace with myself spiritually and emotionally. You should too! 
As mentioned above, it’s also great for helping with negative thought patterns. If you find that you’re having continuous negative or pessimistic thoughts – “I’ll never find true love,” “I feel like the whole world is against me this week,” “So and so doesn’t deserve that new car, she doesn’t even work hard enough for it” – then it may be a sign that it’s time to reach for some Black Tourmaline. These thought patterns are not limited to just your own life but having negative thoughts of others as well. The thoughts you send out to the universe find their way back to you. Take the the time out to recharge and ask yourself why you are having these feelings. Are you just stressed? Do you need to make some changes? Meditate upon these questions as you hold your Black Tourmaline to guide you and clear the negative thoughts so that there is only room for good ones or to help find solutions to the “bad” ones. I quote the word bad because nothing is ever really bad, it’s more or less likely a change that we have to face that may make us uncomfortable, or a test, challenge or lesson to be learned. Things shake us to awake us. 
Black Tourmaline is associated with the Root Chakra so it also functions to help with grounding. If you’re feeling stressed, erratic or all over the place mentally and physically, it helps you to re-balance and bring you back down to Earth Center. If you know ahead of time that you could be faced with a difficult task or situation that may be somewhat stressful, carry it with you to help ease the anxiousness. 
With today’s never ending use of cell phones, iPads, laptops and electronics there is a lot of electromagnetic energy and radiation given off by them that makes its way into our auras, homes, and spaces. This stone is excellent for cleansing of this technology smog and keeping the radioactive waves away so that we can function better, concentrate better, and sleep better. 
Physically, Black Tourmaline can help to strengthen the body’s immune system and adrenal glands. Since it is associated with the Root Chakra it aids in helping pain, numbness or tingling of the legs, feet, ankles, hips, or lower spine. It can also help to relieve toxic metals in the body and purify the blood and qi. 
Since this stone is very efficient at protecting from harsh energy, make sure you charge and cleanse it often to keep it functioning at its best. Also, if you do carry it on you every day and notice that it seems to “not work” then it may be time for a cleanse and charge! For extra benefit, add some smudging (burning sage) to the process and while you’re at it feel free to also smudge yourself and your home/space. You’ll feel an almost immediate lift of spirit and a newfound sense of positivity. 
Associated Chakra: Root 
Suggestions For Use: Carry it in your pocket * To clear electromagnetic energy keep it near your home or work office computer or next to your bed at night (don’t leave electronics next to your bed as it disrupts sleeping patterns) * Keep it on your desk at work * Mediate holding it in your hands while breathing in white light (healing) and releasing the black or darkness (negative, hurt) on the exhale. 
Mantra: “I am protected,” “I will not allow anyone or anything to take over my thoughts, beliefs or way of life as they are my own,” “I release all of my negative thoughts as there is no room for anything but love,” “I can safely journey into other realms and worlds as I know that my guides and spirit are protecting me,” “I am balanced, focused, and centered.” 

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