Week of 12/31/17


From Colette Baron Reid’s “Wisdom of the Hidden Realms” Oracle Deck


When you think of the desert what do you think of? Chances are it’s not much – dry climate, sand, it’s not exactly the lush green forest that the imagination can conjure. When the desert prince arrives (in an upright position), he brings with him a message of strength and survival. Just because the desert is dry that doesn’t mean life doesn’t exist there. There are desert animals and insects, cacti and other signs of breathing and living things. The same could be said for you and your current situation. Just because right now you are not feeling your personal best or where you want to be, that does not mean you will not survive and thrive. It means that your current situation will help you to build strength and character and that you have the ability to learn and adapt to any environment. Don’t be afraid to dream big, or take risks to get to where you want to be. This card’s message is saying that no matter what the outcome is, you will survive.
If you find yourself caught in a proverbial sand storm (chaos) right now, know that it will pass and you will come out of this alright. The tough succulents of the desert withstand the weather and very little water and while undergoing this phase you will also be able to withstand the current storm of life even though you feel like you’ve got little belief or energy left.
With a New Year beginning this week, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to immediately be where you want to be or achieve what you want to in the first days. Good things take time and there will be good times and bad. No matter what happens, the desert prince will be there in the beginning to remind you that you will make it through. Keep him close this week and as a reminder throughout this coming year that you have the capability of weathering any storm. It will make you stronger, wiser, and bring you closer to where and what you want to be.

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