Week of 12/24/17


From Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine’s “Fairy Tarot Cards” Oracle Deck


With Mercury finally out of retrograde, this card comes as a message of a renewed sense of self and intuition. Perhaps with the Mercury retrograde you were feeling a bit cloudy and out of touch with your sense of self and like you were not receiving spiritual guidance from your Creator and/or guardians. Have no fear or worries! Everything happens in cycles and that phase is now over and you are moving into a time of heightened intuition and awareness. Be open and observant of situations or people that seem to “pop up out of nowhere” offering assistance, aid, or a sign for your next action or step to take. This is no coincidence and believe that this person or situation was brought to you for a reason, all for your highest good. Loved ones who have departed from this world like to especially make their presence known on special occasions and holidays. With the upcoming holiday this week you may also feel their presence and guidance more. Pay attention to signs they may send you – a song on the radio, an object, an animal, or hearing a saying that they used to say all the time. This is their way of telling you they are there, they want what’s best for you, they are here to guide you, and that they’re only a thought away.
Your renewed intuition will also help you see beyond the literal, and help you to see past illusions. If you are receiving “gut feelings” that something isn’t quite right, or that you need to take a particular action then you should probably listen to that! Especially since this is a time of heightened intuition – it’s like your inner soul is screaming even louder than it normally would. If you’re still unsure about what to do, and have not yet mastered the art of listening to your intuition (we all slip up here and there!) then reach out to a psychic, medium or other gifted individual to help shed more light. It’s a good time to do so.
The moon also represents feminine and “yin” (yin = female, yang = male) energy. If you are a woman then you may be coming into yourself as an individual and feeling comfortable and confident with who you are. If you are a male, then you may be getting in touch with more of your feminine side perhaps showing more compassion, nurturing qualities – it’s not a bad thing! Having yin and yang qualities as an individual is a healthy balance for both men and women. There could also be a very significant woman (possibly of the intuitive type) in your close circle or that you may soon meet that could deliver an important message for you. Be open and listen, for they may be delivering valuable information for you to help you progress on your path.


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