Week of 12/17/17


From Jody Bergsma’s “Magical Times” Empowerment Cards Deck


If you read the words directly on this card, then no message could be clearer! Are you currently living a life that may not be reflecting who and what you are inside? It’s time to let that go. Those things are outdated and no longer work for you and your life. When you outwardly express all that you are and all that you stand for in the most respectful of ways, you shine from within. That shine radiates outwardly for others to see and gives other people the hope and strength to also be able to do and be the things they wish to. You can do and be anything you set your mind to, and no dream can be too big or too small. Start small and take baby steps to reach your desired life. Write down your goals, a list of the things you would like to manifest in your life, and the things you would like to let go. Begin to do and incorporate one tool or thing that can help you to achieve a goal, or bring you closer to your truth. This could mean starting classes at school, changing jobs, or telling people or yourself (out loud) who you really are inside. Don’t be afraid to do this – the people that are meant to be in your circle will gravitate to you the more you are honest with yourself and your truth. The others that offend your soul will start to drop away. Believe in this. It is real and does happen once you raise your vibration.
If there are people that are offending your soul, then it is also time to gracefully depart from their energy. Whether for you this means simply cutting the person off, talking to them less, or shielding yourself from their energy – your soul is telling you that it wants you to be healthy. Healthy isn’t just physical, it means also of your mind and aura. If there are others trying to dim your light, or drain your energy then this could be a sign that you need to distance yourself. You will know the feeling as when you are around this person/people your energy starts to lessen, you find that you do not want to see or be around them, you may get knots in your stomach (that gut feeling) or other physical sensations, and you feel insignificant or small in their presence – just to name a few instances. This could pertain to anyone whether it is your family, friends, loved ones or coworkers. If you can’t avoid seeing this person/people, then mediate imagine being surrounded by a white light of protection, or your guardians standing by shielding you as a way of protecting yourself from their energy. If you can avoid them, then simply pull your energy back and do the same meditation. You don’t need to surround yourself with anyone that doesn’t enhance your being.
This could also pertain to personal integrity. When others aren’t around to see what you are doing – do you act with honesty? Just because others aren’t looking or see what you are doing, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t act from a place of personal integrity. Lying, cheating, stealing behind others backs only lowers your vibration and brings you closer to attract things of lower energies. Don’t be afraid to be honest about something even if you fear losing something or someone. Acting out of honesty helps your soul to grow, and learn lessons. If there is something you’re doing that you know deep inside is not right, don’t be afraid to seek help or talk to someone about how you can change it. Admitting it to yourself and finding someone or something who can help is the starting point. This card is saying you are strong enough to do that, and capable of changing your life for the better by taking this step.

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