Week of 12/10/17


From Colette Baron Reid’s “Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards” Oracle Deck


Time is an illusion. When time was created by humans, it also created a false belief on how long it would take to accomplish something. When we think of “time” we automatically think of the imaginary timetable in our heads that it would take to accomplish something – it limits what we think we can do and achieve. The truth of time is that it is infinite.
The most important thing to remember is that neither the past nor future matter as much as the present does. In this very moment, any and all is possible for you to accomplish as there is unlimited amount of time to do so. Any time you feel stuck in the same rut of feeling like you don’t have enough time – “I don’t have time for that,” “This will take too long,” “I’m in a rush,” “I’ll never get this done,” eliminate the need to label that whatever task or project is ahead will not be accomplished. Rather, prioritize your projects/tasks and if something isn’t necessary then don’t be afraid to say “I don’t need to do this right now,” rather than “I don’t have time.” This will help to focus on the present moment and one thing at a time.
If there is something you have been waiting for and feel like time has been ticking away without success – “All of my friends are getting married, when will I?” “Everyone is having babies, I feel so behind,” “I haven’t even moved out of my parents house yet and everyone my age are buying houses” “I still don’t know what career path I want to take,” then know that everything is life is guided by forces unknown. Everything will happen when the time is right for your particular path. Just because others around you may be accomplishing something you may be after, it doesn’t meant that you won’t ever have it. Be open to the unlimited time source of the universe and remember that your guides are helping you to live the life you are presently living and have everything planned out for you. When it is timely for you to receive what you’ve been manifesting then the universe will align you with it. In the meantime, keep believing while at the same time letting go and moving forward with your other daily tasks. Chop wood, carry water.
Contrarily, time is also of the essence. Perhaps you have been putting something off that you can’t any longer, or that you have trouble managing your schedule/day, or are frequently late for things. If there are deadlines or unfinished projects then it may be a sign to finish them. When a project or task is complete and you are able to check it off of your “to do” list it brings about a sense of relief and weight being lifted off of your shoulders. Getting your “to do” list done allows for more freedom, fun and play time! However, don’t rush things – take your time and make sure they are done efficiently so you don’t have to go back and do them again.


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