Week of 12/3/17


From Doreen Virtue’s “Archangel Oracle Cards” Deck


I have been receiving signs of 444 A LOT lately, which is the sign of the Archangel’s near, so I felt it appropriate to pull a card from that deck this week, as they are definitely trying to deliver a special message! It’s also a full super moon tonight! If you’ve been following my cards each week, then this card is a great follow up to last week’s breaking barrier’s card! If you’ve done your work on being brave and breaking barriers last week, then now is the time to step back and let the dust settle a bit. Last week, Mercury was not yet in retrograde so making moves forward was advisable and safe for you to do. With Mercury now in retrograde until 12/22, this is more a time of self reflection and going within.
Now that you’ve made your big decision/action/move it may have stirred up a bit of chaos or created some discomfort/conflict/drama this past week. It’s completely alright if this happened, as it is all a part of the process. It is now time to pause, and travel inward to plan and digest the decisions you have just made. You do not have to accomplish everything all at once. You’ve already done and overcame the hardest step which was making move number one, often the hardest one. If chaos still surrounds you, it is not the time for you to fuel the fire or add to that chaos. Instead, take this time to quietly retreat into your own thoughts and reflect peacefully and hold yourself accountable and feel proud and happy with the choices you have made, for you have made the right step for yourself. This may mean having to isolate yourself for a bit if you find you have a hard time saying no or giving in to others desires. If you can’t avoid people (let’s face it, most of the time we can’t) then choose to remain neutral in action for now and not provoke any arguments or “drama.”
Say no to things that bring about conflict, disrupt your inner peace, or make you feel uneasy right now. It is a time for gentleness in thought, action, and deed. Gentleness comes from the way we speak and think of our selves before, during or after we’ve done something, or when we look in the mirror at ourselves. It comes from how we handle ourselves when being put in a situation that is a bit uncomfortable.
You may now turn to gentle activities to nourish your mind and body and give yourself a reward for making the decision to break barriers (from last week). Engage in simple activities such as yoga, listening to classical music, reading by the fire, enjoying a cup of warm tea/coffee, meditation, taking a peaceful nature retreat or doing something that is simple and requires minimal effort and brings you to peace and center.
If you missed out on last weeks card, or have not had any reason to “break barriers” or take a big step forward then use this time to gently take care of and nourish your mind and body. Any of the activities listed above can help with this. If you have trouble slowing things down or trying to relax, call upon Archangel Sandalphon to help guide you on this inner journey of love and peace. Wear or carry turquoise crystals, ask aloud for his help. He is the archangel of music and prayer so listening to gentle and instrumental music will align you with his guidance.
If you find yourself connecting greatly with music, poetry, writing or anything artistic in a solo sense then consider yourself lucky! For Archangel Sandalphon is there to help you and make you feel warm and at peace in these moments as you take care of yourself. Don’t feel guilty for taking some time for yourself or for not jumping at every opportunity right now. All actions can be put on ice for now and saved for another time. You’ve done your hard work, now it’s time to rest.

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