December 2017 – Citrine


If you’re looking to turn your finances around and increase your abundance, then Citrine is the crystal for you!
If there’s one thing our society is well-known for these days it’s the crippling debt that the majority of us have hanging over out heads – mortgages, rent, student loans, bills. It’s tough to be able to juggle financial responsibilities while at the same time trying to have a life and be able to treat yourself once in awhile. Guilty! After struggling myself for quite some time (it’s still not easy sometimes!) I decided that I needed to make a lot of changes. Yes, you need to do your research and find out where you can spend and save, and revamp your budget. However, you also need to make some mental and spiritual changes. That’s where crystals like Citrine come into play.
In order to begin turning your situation around, tell yourself that you do deserve to be debt free, that it is not impossible, and that you can make positive changes. Crystal energy enhances what you are feeling and vibrating to. If you change your mindset to believe those things and also carry Citrine on you, then you will begin to see changes.
Citrine is a powerful stone to attract monetary wealth, abundance, and prosperity. This doesn’t mean that you will magically open your wallet and see more money in it, although that would be lovely. It could, however, mean that you will be brought together with people, places, or situations that could benefit your current financial situation where you have not had this luck before. Some examples: if you are a business owner that has been struggling, Citrine could help attract customers to increase your profit. If you’re having trouble paying your monthly rent, Citrine could bring you into contact with someone you can move in with (family, friend, spouse) to cut your rent in half. A sudden influx of cash such as a donation or inheritance from someone, or winning money can also be a sign that Citrine is working its magic in your life. When you start to use Citrine these situations won’t be forced, rather, they will happen naturally. The customers will come of their own accord, the people and situations will be brought together harmoniously by fate.
Citrine will also help you increase your willpower, which is especially significant when dealing with financial stresses. In using this crystal, you will start to make better decisions – saying no to that 2 for $20 deal (do you really need that other one? Or can you save the $10), spending an evening in cooking dinner rather than eating out, starting a savings account, making a conscious choice to pay more money off of your debt each week. These seem like simple things, yet take notice if you did them before you started using Citrine. All of those little changes add up to increase your wealth. Starting out small first and then gradually adding up to bigger manifestations. Citrine also helps with maintaining wealth so once you make these changes or make extra cash you do not have to fear losing it again. You will gradually build to bigger wealth and abundance.
The yellowish hues of Citrine also make it a great crystal for enhancing feelings of joy, happiness, optimism, personal power and confidence. Think about how you feel being outside in the sunshine. Typically, we think of the sun as being uplifting and vibrant and Citrine holds similar qualities in stone form and produces similar results. It also helps you shine from the inside out, and creates a protective “light” barrier around you so that other cannot harm you psychically and emotionally while you are bettering yourself and your life.
Since this stone resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra it can help physically with symptoms of upset stomach or digestive issues, Spleen and Liver health, allergies (particularly related to the skin such as rash or hives), chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.
Citrine is a great addition to your crystal collection especially if you are a business owner, work in sales, or are looking to increase or improve your finances. Since beginning my journey with Citrine some two or so years ago I have noticed a steady improvement in my financial situation. As with most things, it is not an overnight success but is definitely one that is worth being patient with. The changes that have been made, are well worth it!


Associated Chakra: Solar Plexus
Suggestions for Use: Most beneficial if you can carry it in your wallet, pocketbook or any place you keep your money such as a safe, if you are into feng shui it helps to have Citrine or a Citrine tree in the wealth area of your home, carry it in your pocket, do wealth/financial/prosperity meditations while holding Citrine in your hands, if you can’t carry Citrine in your pocket or wallet consider printing out a picture of Citrine and taping it to a dollar bill to keep in your wallet.
Mantra: Hold Citrine in your hands or at your Solar Plexus Chakra while repeating any of the mantras “I attract wealth, abundance and prosperity in my life easily and effortlessly,” “The help that I need to improve my finances will come to me and I am open to whatever form it takes,” “I will be able to pay off my debts and come to a place of financial peace,” “I am confident in myself and feel happy with the decisions I make.”


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