Week of 11/26/17


From Denise Linn’s “Gateway” Oracle Card Deck


There are times to preserve your energy and resources and put all actions on ice until the time is right to thaw them out for use – now is not one of them. Now is the time where the ice has thawed and it’s time to set forth on whatever it is you are seeking and quite literally break the barrier and set off on your new venture. Do not let fear of lack, general fear or other factors hold you back from letting go of something in order to move forward, or from beginning something that you’ve been meaning to.
Regardless of whether or not you are feeling prepared you are being told that it’s time to gather your strength and courage and take a leap of faith to move forward. Though Mercury turns retrograde this week and it’s usually frowned upon to start new projects/sign contracts etc. – things will find a way of working themselves out as you go along in this case. There may be chaos or confusion in the beginning but it won’t be for long as your soul is meant to make these changes right now. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to leave a relationship, start a new hobby or class, leave a job, move to another location. Perhaps you have also been hiding your true self in fear of what others may think of you or your lifestyle and unsure of how to show the world who you are. These have all been thoughts in your mind. You may have even planned things out but have lacked the courage to move forward in carrying out those plans or perhaps you were not yet ready because you felt you needed to research and gather information and resources first. Now is the time where it is safe for you to move ahead.
Break free from your comfort zone and try something new. Stagnation leads to a lack of growth and experience. Your thoughts, ideas and feelings initially came to you for a reason – your soul is calling out for change. Be brave, and make those changes. Sometimes the best way to do this is to simply just do it! It sounds simpler than it is but the more you think about something the more you are likely to talk yourself out of it. JUST DO IT! You are being given the sign that all will be well. Even if something winds up being not what you thought it was – you can always start over. You will learn and grow from breaking your barriers, so you will never lose.

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