Week of 11/19/17


From Colette Baron Reid’s “The Wisdom of Avalon” Oracle Deck


Partnerships with others are significant right now. Assess the relationships that you share with others in your present circumstances. Are they loving? Are they mutually beneficial? Do they make you feel whole and complete? If not, then it’s time for you to let that go and allow for more fulfilling partnerships to enter into your life. With the recent new moon, it’s a good time to “plant your seeds” and manifest that which you seek in a partnership. This usually pertains to romantic relationships, but if you are seeking a friendship or work relationship that is beneficial it could apply also. Take care of yourself and love yourself in order to attract what you desire.
Romantically speaking, when you are whole and healthy (this could mean physically, mentally, emotionally at your best), you are more likely to attract someone who has also raised their vibration to match your level. When two whole and healthy people come together, the partnership is often greater and even more powerful than individually – the sum is greater than the parts. If you don’t recognize that this person is in your life right now, then it could be right around the corner. Don’t settle for feeling “half” when you could feel “whole.” Just like a yin and yang symbol, you’re complete when you have your other half. This card could also mean that you currently have this person in your life and is a sign that this partnership is of great significance in your life. This person will give you all that your soul needs, as you will for them. Together, your relationship will reach new heights and you will push one another to be your greatest selves.
Regarding friendships and workmates, if there is disharmony in any areas then it is time to let these partnerships go in a healthy way. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to cut the person off – as this could be hard to do especially with people you work with daily. Meditate and imagine cords tying you together labeled certain things such as “jealousy,” “competitiveness,” “anger,” and in your mind grab a pair of scissors and cut those cords. The more you do this, you will come to see the peace in your partnerships and react from a better place (if at all). As mentioned before with romantic relationships, this could also mean that your current friendships and work relationships will benefit you in some way. Perhaps you will learn more about yourself through your friend, or enhance your skills and make amazing things with your workmate. Embrace the creativity and camaraderie that graces your life right now because it will lead to a better you.
Finally, this card could also be a sign of the coming together of ideas, projects, thoughts, energy, or work. If you’re currently embarking on your own creative ventures then this could be a sign that all of your thoughts, ideas, etc. will unite in a harmonious way. You will be able to effortlessly flow through it without hitting barriers such as writers block, stagnation or whatever other roadblocks to success you may have faced previously. Now is timely for your projects to come together and for you to create meaningful work.

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