Week of 11/12/17


From Doreen Virtue’s “Archangel Michael” Oracle Deck


This card is a sign that it’s time for you to get into nature! Perhaps you’ve been spending too much time indoors and your body and spirit are calling out for some fresh air. When you are outside among the trees and nature your soul begins to relax and your mind begins to clear. When your mind clears, your connection to the spirit realm/source/God (whichever you would like to call it) starts to open. You can then receive the messages that you seek and begin to notice all of the signs and opportunities that are being presented to you. When our minds are cloudy and we are stressed it blocks the flow of energy from our selves and our source and makes it difficult for us to be aware of the signs and symbols that could potentially lead us to what we seek. 
If the weather where you are isn’t conducive to getting outside in nature right now (it’s been pretty cold here on Long Island!) then bring the outside in! There are numerous plants that can sustain indoor temperatures and lighting based on your location (speak to a local nursery). Not only will it spruce up your indoor environment but it will significantly improve the air quality of your home or space (this could even pertain to office/work space). That may be exactly what your physical body is in need of. If the weather does happen to be cooperating then this could simply mean opening the windows to get some fresh air circulating throughout your home. Picture each breeze drawing out any negative or unwanted energy that lingers. 
Another meaning to this card may be that you are meant to do work that involves being outside in nature. You have a strong connection to Mother Earth and your purpose is to honor that and set an example for others to do so. Whether you aspire to be an environmentalist, gardener, or botanist (just to name a few) it is never too late to do so, and it is timely for you to begin. 


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