Throat Chakra


Mantra: I speak
Location: Center of the Throat
Associated Color: Blue 
Qualities: Self-expression, silence, communication, speaking up for yourself, thinking before you speak, projecting creativity, voice
Physical Associations: Throat, thyroid, larynx, tonsils, tongue, mouth, neck, shoulders
Signs of Imbalance: Physical – Frequent sore throats, tonsilitis, loss of voice, mouth ulcers, hyper/hypothyroidism, lockjaw, neck pain. Emotional – Speaking too much or out of turn, not speaking up or defending yourself when necessary (or excessive shyness), not listening, fear of public speaking, choking on words/stuttering, compulsively lying, extreme quiet. 
Food and Herbs to Strengthen: Blue colored foods (blueberries, blackberries, plums, prunes, dates), pears, coconut water, honey, lemon, slippery elm, marshmallow root, salt, chamomile 
Crystal Complement: Blue lace agate, turquoise, lapis lazuli, angelite, aquamarine, sodalite
Activities to Strengthen: Drink more water, take a public speaking class, sing or hum, talk openly and honestly with others (if it’s something traumatic – seeking professional help such as a psychologist or social worker can help), practice being still and silent in certain instances, journal as a way of expression, avoid dairy products, practice active listening, focus on the color blue spiraling at the center of your throat, or imagine being surrounded in glowing blue light, take deep breaths and imagine inhaling bright blue light and on the exhale releasing all that does not serve your throat chakra, set your computer or phone background to the picture above and glance at it every so often to connect with the blue color. 
Affirmation: “I speak lovingly about myself and others,” “I speak openly and honestly with others,” “I speak when I feel it is necessary to do so and know when it is necessary to remain quiet.”



Throat Chakra

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