Crystal of the Month – Rose Quartz


November 2017


cristaux de quartz rose (BrŽsil)

The crystal that started it all for me!

About four years ago, I had gone through a very traumatic break up with someone that I had been with for over eight years. It was devastating. I wasn’t sure what to think or feel or how to begin rebuilding my life from within. But I did. And I can thank my crystals for being the first tool to help me to do that. I had always had crystals, but didn’t use them as much as I did when my life turned upside down and my spiritual journey began. I can now say that not a day goes by that I don’t carry my crystals on me, and Rose Quartz is one that is always in my pocket (or bra, or something!) without question!

In my opinion, there is no greater crystal to start off your self-love journey with than Rose Quartz. It is regarded as one of the most highly recognized stones to attract and emit love of all kind – whether it be self-love, soul mate love, or love and joy in a general sense. This stone is particularly effective for those individuals who have experienced a traumatic heartbreak, as Rose Quartz can help you heal from it while at the same time helping you to learn to love yourself first in order to attract that real “my soul has been waiting for you!” kind of love.

The light rosy pink color of Rose Quartz also represents femininity. This stone can also help to balance your feminine energy, or in Chinese Medicine otherwise known as your “yin” energy. Feminine energies such as compassion, joy, caring for others, nurturing, giving and receiving love, and understanding can amplify with the use of Rose Quartz.

Since Rose Quartz is associated with the Heart Chakra, it is beneficial in dealing with physical symptoms relating to the Heart such as anxiety, palpitations, arrhythmia, or any other kind of cardiovascular or circulatory issue. Since the Heart Chakra is located in the area of the chest, it also helps to aid in difficulty breathing, respiratory infections, and cough. The feminine energy of the stone also makes it great for use in women’s reproductive issues dealing with infertility.

From first hand experience, I can say that Rose Quartz is one of those stones that everyone should have in their crystal collection! Its use in healing and attracting love of all kinds makes it sought after by many and a big reason why you should add it to your collection and incorporate it into your daily life.


Associated Chakra: Heart

Suggestions For Use: Carry Rose Quartz as close to your heart as possible (bra, ladies!) but if you can’t then your pocket will do just fine. You can also leave it under your pillow or next to your bedside to invoke healing and loving energy. Do a meditation to open your Heart Chakra while holding Rose Quartz in your hand or at the level of your heart – you can find plenty on YouTube or the Internet. Drink a Rose Quartz infused water.

Mantra: Simply hold the stones in your hands or to your heart while repeating the mantra “I am healing, I give love with a full heart, and I receive love with a full heart.”

Kelly “The Good Witch” Lyons ♥

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