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A 54-Card Oracle Deck that I wrote and created to bring you closer to your path of awakening and healing through self-love, and learning to connect with your own spirituality through intuition and guidance from your Spirit Guides. Stay tuned for release dates and other sneak peeks! 



*My Magical Mantras*  

With every breath I take, a sense of calm washes over me

Copyright 2018, Kelly Lyons 


Mantras and affirmations are a great tool to use daily to help keep a positive and healthy mindset. It can be anything you want it to be! You can change your affirmation/mantras as often as you like and whenever you like. Some helpful tips to incorporate mantras and affirmations into your lifestyle:
•Write this mantra/affirmation (or you can make up your own) on a small piece of paper and tape it to your mirror or somewhere that you look first thing in the morning. This will start your day off on a good note and remind you of what it is you want to achieve or incorporate into your soul or lifestyle.
•Set your phone alarm to a certain time and mantra/affirmation as the “title” of the alarm. Each day when it goes off you’ll be reminded of it.
•Before bed, write down your mantra/affirmation in a journal. When you’re sleeping, your subconscious will absorb all of that good energy.
•Simply say it aloud to yourself! Looking in the mirror is best, as it is a deep and powerful way to connect to yourself.